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Cozy CafeWelcome to Cozy Cafe, the cutest idle incremental game on the mobile market!

In this delightful game, you will visit a variety of restaurants and watch your team of cute animal Waiters and Chefs serve delicious foods to hungry customers. Gather more currency and upgrade your food stations, to unlock aesthetically pleasing new stages and progress through the game’s exciting world!

HIRE cute animal waiters and chefs
SERVE delicious food to hungry patrons
UPGRADE your food stations to cook faster and more efficiently
ADVANCE through the game’s stages, unlocking exciting rewards and loot boxes
UNLOCK new kitchens and cafes to serve your dedicated customers
SIT BACK and relax as you let your hardworking animal staff take orders, make food, and serve customers with a smile!

And the best part? You can keep earning money even when the app is closed or running in the background! Join the Cozy Cafe family today and start collecting pet staff variations, and customizations, and participating in limited-time events. With its playful and fun tone, Cozy Cafe is the perfect game for players of all ages and skill levels.

Download now and start building your own cute cafe empire!


Cozy Cafe user reviews :

It’s a cute little game. Can pass the time. I don’t like that you can’t see what the perks are before you buy them (and most of them have to do with ad-related stuff) nor does the game explain what the boosts you get are. Lowering my review from 4 to 2 stars because the game doesn’t always save my progress and I have to restart stages I’ve gotten halfway through!

Super cute graphics and fairly clean UI. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t save mid-level progress which is a MUST in these types of incremental idle games??? Also, unless you bind your email from the start, the game will force you to start all over from the beginning and do the tutorial again. Someone definitely messed up on this one.

Update, unfortunately you cannot play this game offline and the saving system is wonky. That being said I finished all the current levels, I still recommend it. No forced ads! Super adorable and the audio is chill. If you choose to watch ads they give nice rewards overall. The little animals are so so cute and I love this game so far, just a couple of levels in. Thank you so much

I don’t know why this game got low ratings. This game is clean, fun, no forced ads. I REPEAT, NO FORCED ADS!!!! I am on level 2-7 and having a blast. Sure, it is a challenge but that is the beauty of this game. It’s super cute. It’s easy to earn gems. You can watch ads for perks if you want to.

The amount of ads isn’t overbearing and it’s easy to level up, the graphics are cute and the game is super chill. All and all, if you don’t play games often but still want something to play to waste time, this game is it. 10/10 experience . Nothing bad to say about it.

Pretty short game, only lasted me about a week. Still fun overall. No forced ads! I watched a few because of that. I personally did not experience any problems with saving.

Really fun minigame! fingers hurt after tapping the lucky cats for a bit lol, only few levels released since it’s a new game so playthrough was pretty fast, REALLY wish we could replay stages while waiting for new ones. loving the gem system and that u can upgrade getting gem ads more often!

This game has better and smoother graphics than cat cafe. It seems to be well balanced and progresses quickly. If there was an option to pay for permanent ad removal, I would buy that as I refuse to waste my time watching endless ads.

No option to even purchase an ad blocker. These games are just unplayable without that because nobody wants to sit through 800 ads. Cute visuals but the gameplay isn’t unique at all. I’ll go back to one that I can remove ads

Pretty good honestly. It’s not very innovative. Mainly uses the same stuff as other foodventure clones but it looks really good and has some pretty nice background music! Would recommend!

Great game to relax and to kill time. Graphics are cute and the gameplay easy to figure out. Can’t wait for more stages. One suggestion though: can you add a function where you can tap to collect all tips at once?

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