Crash Delivery – Enjoy car wrecking and fun jumping

[Game] Crash Delivery – Destruction & smashing flying car!

Crash Delivery  Crash Delivery is a fun 3D delivery simulator game full of unpredictable decisions and crazy rides.

It’s a combination of the most fun gameplay activities you can imagine: car destruction, stunt driving, car flying and much more. WARNING: this game is ADDICTIVE!

Just barrel your vehicle as fast and far as you can, and don’t you worry how badly it breaks or how big mess it makes! CrashDelivery is a fun crash simulator at its best — enjoy car wrecking and fun jumping. It’s the craziest crash drive experience in your life.

Show us how far can you jump?!

Have you thought being a delivery guy is the most boring job in the world? No skills required? What would you say if to deliver a package you had to climb up and down the hill, train your stunt truck jumping skills, turn upside down, and find your way out of nowhere? Does it sound better? Show us your best ramp stunts now!

Take over the control and make sure all parcels are delivered on time. Your customers have been waiting for a while so there is no time left to follow all these silly traffic rules and regulations. You better drive FAST! Estimate the distance, turn around, jump big, switch on a nitro mode and accelerate at a maximum speed! Collect coins on each game level, unlock all kinds of transportation and improve it. Don’t forget however – some of your packages are marked as FRAGILE ;) Don’t get into a car accident when the valuable content is inside!

You will get a chance to try different kinds of vehicles when you reach certain distances. Switch between a pickup truck, Lamborghini, and even a jet fighter!

What’s special about Crash Delivery:

Amazing 3D Graphic Design
Crazy car jumping and car crashing
Hilarious mechanics
Simple gameplay
Great locations and ramps for cars
Cars, trucks and buses of all kinds
New levels – new challenges!

Crash Delivery is a destruction simulator you will enjoy. That sound of breaking the trees and car destruction will make you come back again and again. Take control of the crazy descent from the hill. Smash cars, fly over the car ramp, demolish the way to the city and deliver packages to customers. Enjoy a car crusher experience at its best!

Crash Delivery user reviews :

with the latest update it did solve a few issues with the speed and boost now going further than 50 or 150 meters, but after a couple of good runs the game would get choppy about half way through jump it does seem to happen with certain vehicles a bit more than other but in time they catch up to same choppy landing , just wondering how many new ramps will be in the next upgrade ? so till then i guess its to work on the Jumping Technique lol

Its a fun game to play if your waiting somewhere, like the doctors, controls are a tad wonky and after a while its sorta hard to get money to level up without watching ads and sometimes ads will just pop up without me getting a reward at the end. Its got pretty okay graphics, and the destruction that happens to the car and the stuff it runs into is kind of fun to look at. All in all, played it more than i thought i would, good job.

Fun, but painfully intolerable to play with ads after every turn and ads if you want to upgrade parts. You can pay €9 something for a bundle with coins, cars, and ad free or you can pay a fee to remove ads at about €3.49. I however will not be as I will be deleting app. I know developers have to make money but this game was beyond frustrating having to suffer the same ads over and over again.

Ooh, this game just lost some points after I beat the last available level. Got offered “Flight mode” and lost all my progress. Yes, I was warned about this, but I figured the gameplay would be a little faster to make up for the shin kick of starting over. Nope… Now I can steer my car as it limply flops of the edge of the starting ramp and dribbles along the grass. Screw that, done with this game. I was loving it until this point. 4/5 is now 2/5 and barely teetering above that 1/5 rating.
  • WRGames publishing
  • Hey Ben, thank you for your feedback! Just wanted to let you know that we are working on cool new levels that you will definitely enjoy very soon!

This game is fun yes but it is painful at the same time. I bought no ads after having to watch an ad after every turn, only to find out that no ads don’t work for the point multiplier so that’s a scam right there, then there’s the gold rush level. I get to the end of the ramp and suddenly my vehicle suddenly only has a speed of 12 or 11 when my speed level is 180, plus in other levels i’ll be going 170-180 but in gold rush vehicles speed suddenly drop down to 140-150.

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