Crazy Candy Bomb – Start the happy and mystery journey

[Game] Crazy Candy Bomb


Start the happy and mystery journey with various candies in sweet wonderland!

Play the most relaxing and splended match-3 puzzle game, along with coloful candies and lollipop, no time limit, free and powerful boosters
and CUTE TOYS magic will help you to enjoy and feel relaxed! Smart move or clever combination will be rewarded! Apply your talent to solve
all the puzzles to get 3 star for prize!

Candy Bomb Booster Feature

Lollipop: Sweet lollipop help you to smash the any candy you want to crush.
Bust rocket: Help you to crush a vertical column of sweet candy.
Magic wand: Magic wand allows you to re-arrange the candy interface.
Magic gloves: This glove from the hands of magician, you can let you exchange any two candy.
Spacecraft: This ultimate skill can help you collect all the same candies at once.

Candy Bomb Gameplay

Move and match 3 candies of the same type to burst and win points, 4 and more crushes genarates a powerful booster!.
Get four or more of the same candy together and make a magic bomb.
Special Levels need crush numerous candies, use booster to activate the magic bottles.
Try to reach high scores and get 3 stars on every level, get special prize!

Hundreds of exciting puzzle levels, more on the way
Facebook sync, you can login your Facebook account and play with your friends!

Contact with us
Email: yunbuhk[at]

Crazy Candy Bomb user reviews :

Just like Candy Crush impossible to get past level 30 without spending money and once they have your information to your money they drain you dry. and once you post anything negitive they reply with the standard.. sorry we are looking into it thanks for playing suckers And ever read anything they write? Its called proof reading ..stop trying to rip us off and start caring about how you guys represent your company
  • Yunbu Game StudioJune 5, 2019
  • If you continue to play with the rest of the content, I’m sure you’ll have a different experience. If you have any specific suggestions, we will consider them carefully in order to improve the quality of our games.
I dont agree with those said with spending money just we can passed the levels. I pass all the levels without spending one cent!(i am waiting for the new update and now i am in level 660) So it is possible to pass☺️☺️ And i am so thankful for this amazing game
  • Yunbu Game StudioJune 12, 2019
  • Thank you for your feedback, because going directly to the next level may cause you to miss some activity rewards, so it is recommended to go back to the map and get rewards before going to the next level. We will continue to update and improve the game experience. Thanks for your support.

love this game. you can get money by watching a video . its so much better the other candy crash. thanks for letting us earn things. you can play this game longer

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