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[Game] CropBytes – A Crypto Farm

CropBytesStart your journey into the world of crypto earning with CropBytes, a pioneer in crypto games!

This innovative farming simulation lets you build your own thriving business empire by owning, buying, and trading unique crypto assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Unleash your strategic skills right from the start with our complimentary trial pack, designed to ease you into the gameplay. As you master the game and devise your business tactics, you’ll acquire assets to grow your crypto wallet portfolio.

Engage in exciting weekly fishing tournaments and compete with players worldwide on our leaderboard! This is a fantastic way to play and earn for free.

New to the game? We recommend purchasing our Starter Packs designed specifically for beginners. For the seasoned players, visit the game market to buy, sell, or trade various assets such as animals and machinery with fellow players.

Discover the thrill of mining crypto tokens and assets, collecting exclusive NFTs, and earning $CBX as you dive deeper into the game.

Despite the fluctuating market trends, CropBytes continues to thrive as the first of its kind in the crypto simulation genre.

Step into the exciting metaverse of CropBytes and start your rewarding second life today!

Start now and get free trial assets*
Grow a variety of crops & fruits to feed animals and sell to other players for crypto.
Feed animals and collect produce like milk, eggs, etc that can be sold for crypto.
Own utility assets and produce water & power
Convert extracts to CBX Tokens
Collect Superhero NFTs and use them to boost your farm’s output
Trade assets, animals, produce & CBX with co-players
Customize your farm and explore other players’ farms
Breed Superheroes to get awesome Superbabies
Own pro assets like Feed Mill to get regular income in crypto
Invite friends & earn rewards

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The game is not free to play. A crypto wallet is required.
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CropBytes user reviews :

Great in concept. Still pretty buggy though. I tried purchasing some animals and the USDT was locked in my account, but I didn’t receive the animals. I contacted support and it took over two weeks for them to fix the issue before the animals appeared in my farm. There are also never any jobs available in the “Jobs” tab. And also now opening the app just gives me a black screen that crashes my system UI, even after installing the latest update.

The best crypto experience possible. Withdrawals work, the team is honest. The game is awesome and developing more and more. Fun way to own NFT assets. There is an incredible live market within the game. I’ve deposited money in the game as far back as 2018 and never had an issue! The developers are available and work closely with the players on telegram and discord. The cropbytes community is amazing and growing massively! My #1 crypto experience by far!

  • Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at support[at] if you have any questions.

It’s a good game but it requires you to at least play once daily to feed your animals. Ik takes dedication. You’ll need to invest some amount in order to gain assets. After that you can slowly earn assets and sell them to make profit. Seems there are some bugs, for example I bought an orange tree which yields 4 oranges a day. I harvested three times and have 8 oranges now. Seems a harvest has not been registered. I really hope these kind of problems will be fixed as it takes some money to grow.

  • Hello Tijmen, This issue has been resolved. We hope it’s fixed for you too?

Cool interface. Also so smooth movements. I love it. For me, it’s like have fun, have crypto. Awesome feeling. love it. But sometimes I can’t open the market. It’s stuck and hang my phone. I can’t buy and sell things because the market Didn’t show up. Help me please with this thing. I’m sure you’ll work on it as soon as possible. Thank you with all my heart.

  • Hello, we’re working on fixing this! Thanks for reporting

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