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[Game] CRSED – Royale Apex Battle

CRSEDCRSED: Royale Apex Battle is a brutal online shooter featuring melee weapons, firearms, magic rituals and supernatural powers, combines the elements of a battle royale and a tactical shooter.

Choose one of the unique Champions that have breathtaking individual superpowers, like slowing down time or turning into a beast. You will find yourself thrown into a dangerous and unpredictable arena with other legends, all vying for the apex spot. Go into battle solo or with friends.

Realistic firearms are the most straightforward way to get rid of the enemies, but do not forget to use magic to gain advantage. Draw seals with your blood or conduct ancient rituals, throw hex bags at enemies and use your own extraordinary power. You can flood the whole map or cause the Sun to eclipse, set up traps, summon zombies or teleport yourself or others to escape from a fight. CRSED: Mobile also boasts a tactical shooter experience. Players must utilize strategic gameplay, including stealth and cover, to outsmart their opponents and come out on apex. This adds an additional level of challenge. But first, one needs to collect sinner souls by killing enemies, that’s the only way to pay for the magic in CRSED: Mobile


Massive and intense PvP battles: dozens of players begin their trip in the picturesque and highly detailed location, fighting their way to the center of the battlefield that is constantly shrinking in size, pressed by the wall of the deadly Dark Zone.
Constantly growing number of very realistically modeled weapons (a wide range of battle-proven XX century classics, like Mosina rifle or MG-42 machine gun, and a collection of modern guns) and combat armor.
Lots of demonic powers that allow to heal allies, slow down enemies, set numerous traps, summon zombies or even teleport enemies somewhere hell out of the place.
A lot of different ground vehicles and boats help the players to cover distances.
Deep customization system: players craft and learn new seals, rituals, suites, masks, gestures, tombstones, camera minions and other items. Some of them are important for your custom Champion build, some are purely cosmetic.

Overall, CRSED: Royale Apex Battle is a high-quality mobile game that offers an exciting and intense battle royale-style experience.

Download now for free, choose your Champion and prove yourself on the battlefield filled with bullets and magic!

CRSED user reviews :

It looks really really fun. However, Its not as fun as it could be due to a few issues. Controls are not customizable, shooting and immediately ADS’ing should be optional, and no gyroscope. Basically, more customizability for the player, and it should be amazing.

  • Thank you! In the recent update we have added UI controls editor – exactly what you propose here! We will also keep improving other aspects as well!

I’m going to be perfectly honest here. Your character unlock system sucks. You can’t even get one character a season as a free to play, something that just won’t work, especially for a mobile game. The absurd rarity of cosmetics is also an issue If you don’t fix this, no one will stick around long enough to spend money on your game, and many of the few that do will likely be hackers, neither options are great for the game. I want the game to thrive, please address this so it doesn’t die.

  • Thank you for your honest opinion! We are working to improve meta of the game and to make it more in line with best mobile tendencies! We hope that some of the next updates will make you more happy.

Brilliant game, looks amazing and runs great (on a powerful device) unfortunately we keep getting meaningless updates, when the most basic of functions like customizable controls are missing, it Makes the wholes gameplay experice lackluster because it’s uncomfortable to play, and you can’t have a good time when you’re constantly pressing the wrong button because of muscle memory. upped to 4 stars because the sound visualization setting (part deaf) 5 stars when customizable controls are added.

  • Thank you! In the recent update we have added UI controls editor, so that should improve your gameplay experience. We will also keep improving other aspects as well!

so much better than pubg I love it…suggestion to the devs…a mode where nothing supernaturally allowed would be interesting…also maybe a mode where there’s 2 teams of say…20 or 30 vs eachother…call it civil war or something…this game is awesome the graphics and physics are outstanding and I like how it hasn’t went down the road the other battle Royale style games have in the sense of there’s not a whole lot of unrealistic aspects…besides the ritual parts but that’s ok

  • Thank you for your rating and your suggestions!

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