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[Game] Crypto Cats – Get Token LIS

Crypto CatsGet cryptocurrencies and NFT rewards by playing puzzle game!

Join the puzzle game and explore the world of crypto with us!

Merge and collect various catstar, explore exciting worlds to earn crypto and get NFT rewards in the crypto game. Challenge the fascinating world of blockchain!

Crypto Cats allows you to earn LIS tokens by completing daily quests. Just play to earn crypto by playing!

The season has begun in the new game mode “Bingo”
Open capsules, get LIS token & collect NFT cards!
Collect NFT cards and play to earn rewards!

The mission of the project is to destroy the border between the game economy and the real world.

By connecting the game economy with the blockchain, we give to the players more value.

Now game currency and crypto game assets are real.

Daily Quests.
Play to earn every day in a p2e game. Complete daily quests to get LIS tokens!
Also get NFT rewards for achievements as you progress.

Daily Capsules.
Get free LIS token, capsules with items every 4 hours. From the NFT capsule you can play to earn cryptocurrency and get NFT cards with which you can craft super cute cats.

Wheel of fortune.
Get boxes with NFT game earn money, increase income or other useful things. Everyone has a chance to win LIS and NFT prizes in the p2e game. Available for free once a day.

Get Coins even Offline!
You receive income even when you sleep. Earnings stop 24 hours after you quite the game Crypto Cats.

Regular updates with new content.
Crypto cats, play to earn with pleasure, and while you go through the levels – we are already working on the next.
New characters, new levels and mechanics, stay tuned for updates and news in our telegram channel:

The Realis native token LIS is an analogue of hard currency in traditional mobile games. Through the token, we connect the in-game and on-chain economies and build a flexible system for the redistribution of funds.

Play to get token with Crypto Cats and Crypto Dragons!

Crypto Cats user reviews :

It’s a pretty easy game with a really simple concept. If you’re looking to make a few cents a week and on the lucky chance a dollar or two a month then it’s not that bad. But it’s not really a game more of a repetitive matching app. The reason I rate three stars though is because the capsules are completely rigged. I almost always get 0 on the wooden capsules and even when I purchase a gold capsule (~$5) I only get like 2 cent.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We continue to work on improving the game. And the opinion of users is very important to us. We will pass your wishes on to the developers and take them into account in future updates.

Really addicting. Don’t fully get the way the crypto operates just yet, but it’s definitely a great little time waster if you’re into merge type games. Edit: Had to lower the score because I had previously purchased the auto merge feature only to have that disabled with the newest update. If it was meant to be a temporary feature, that should be made clear to the purchaser. If it was unintentional, please fix your code.

  • Please check your settings. There you can on or off an auto-merge . If this does not work, please mail us at support[at] to resolve the issue.

I understand the system but I’m not sure if it’s worth the time. It’s very monotonous and earning rewards is hard. I get it- handing out free crypto isn’t a good business strategy. They fail to mention thay the crypto isn’t in the market yet despite them saying it will launch “this fall” (it’s December). Also, they have an option to take surveys. I just took one that was supposed to be one minute. Seven minutes later, after taking 5 surveys in a row against my choice, I reaped no reward.

  • Our main goal is an interesting game with a user-friendly interface. The opportunity to earn crypto is just a nice addition. We’re goiing to launch testnet withdrawals in next few days, after that we will fix all bugs that will occur. The next step will be the audit of our smart contract and then launch of our project on the platform.

1. Can’t go back to previous stages 2. Bonuses are left incomplete because of leaving stage to early and not able to complete 3. One of the bonuses where it comes and drops cats will glitch and not drop anything 4. Had some insanely high online multipler that obviously wasn’t multiplying the number it should have. (Even though it was a glitch, at least benefit the player :p) 5. Even after you turn off the music and sounds they still play when you are listening to your own music … list goes on

  • Hello there, you can do low level achievements by enabling show cats option in the settings, if you have more problems to tell, please reach us at support[at]

First off, the game is surprisingly enjoyable considering it’s simplicity. However, I do have some complaints. 1. Don’t dim the cats/dragons, the little arrow is enough. Hurts my eyes trying to see them. 2. Add some new songs! I have to mute the game in order to play, and I hate the cat’s meows when merged. It’s infiltrated my brain in a very short time! 3. Increase the odds of getting something good from capsules/spin a little bit. The memberships are too expensive for what you get.

  • Thank you for your suggestions.

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