Crystal Knights – Lead them into battle

[Game] Crystal Knights – 32 Player Raid

Crystal KnightsKnights of the Crystal, ASSEMBLE!

Unveil the secrets of Ignis the Immortal!!

The real-time online idle RPG you’ve been waiting for is finally here!
Make new friends from all around the world while conquering the dark dungeons of the Crystal Kingdom!

36 Heroes to choose from!
Stunning graphics and a whole cast of unique characters will captivate you!
Take your pick from the dozens of heroes waiting for you to lead them into battle, and start your adventure!

A vast new world, waiting to be explored!
Take on new and dangerous challenges as you adventure through the world of Ignis the Immortal!

Easily find people to join your party!
Gather in the town square! Gather with other real people in the village as you find people to join your party!

Take on Ignis the Immortal!
Use all your might to defeat the enemy! Conquer stages, dungeons, and never-ending waves of enemies as you and your characters level up and get stronger day by day!


Information on Requested App Access Permissions
Crystal Knights does not use any private app permissions without explicit permission.

Supported Devices
Resolution: All devices supported
RAM: 3 GB or more
Capacity: At least 300 MB of free space
OS: Android 10 or higher recommended

Crystal Knights user reviews :

Alright, this is my new review after playing for a couple of hours. It’s REPETITIVE and BORING. You clear a stage click the quest again and again. There’s nothing on it. The quest are always the same. Upgrade a stat, kill enemies, and summon heroes. That’s what you always do if you play this game, Your finger will judt get tired from repetitive clicks of the quest I hope they improve this game, might play again if that happens.

  • Thank you for the compliment! We will strive to provide a more enjoyable playing experience in the future.

Not bad. The ui is pretty bad, the game can be a bit laggy and closes occasionally, I’m already hitting a wall on the first day but the freebies sent in the mail are fairly generous so it could keep going but I’m not seeing a lot of progression in the short term. Overall pretty average game for it’s class, could be better.

  • Thank you for leaving a review. We will continue to strive to meet your expectations. Please keep an eye on future developments.

.(edit) finally got to the online part will see whats next. will update again later . 1 star for now as only just released but doesn’t seem to have an online, already got good range of characters couple s class. everythings locked behind ‘guide’ levels but theres hundreds of these levels, Really disappointed as i was waiting for this game.

  • I’m sorry I couldn’t satisfy you. We will try to provide you with an improved game by referring to your opinions through the review.

Edit 2: fixed! Able to access different channels and properly play all content I’ve tried so far.

  • I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ll check the phenomenon you mentioned.

Liking the game so far. However, the error data occurred keeps appearing and somehow, some of my S heroes were suddenly gone and displayed as stuck at Level 1 when checked in formation. Please fix this.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. If an error occurs, please send information such as [game name/nickname (UID)/screenshot (video)] etc. to[at] We will inform you after confirmation. We will work harder to provide a stable gaming environment.

it’s a pretty cool game, my only gripe so far is the summoning dragon kinda bugs out every now and then and just plasters itself on the screen. and I have to close the application to make it go away. when that’s fixed ill probably bump it to 5stars

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. If an error occurs, please send information such as [game name/nickname (UID)/screenshot (video)/Device model] etc. to[at] We will inform you after confirmation. We will strive to make improvements quickly.

So far it’s really fun and something I was looking for in a game(yes I like idle games). Could use some bug fixing and stability fixes, but has the framework for great fun.

  • Thank you for your opinion. We will do our best to ensure that you can play comfortably and enjoyably in a stable environment.

Really fun game but having to unlock everything via guide got annoying quick and I’ve only been playing for a few hours the unlocking stuff by completing guides is going to make alot of people not enjoy this game cuz it gets repetitive very very fast

  • Thank you for your comment. We will review your comments regarding the tutorial with the relevant department. We will work harder to ensure comfortable play.

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