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[Game] Dadoo

DadooDadoo is an online multiplayer party board game with superpowers and lots of mischief!

Change the course of the game with various skill cards. Push your enemy to their demise. Set your trap and give your opponent the last laugh. Don’t be nice while playing this game!


Engaging and unique gameplay for every time you play.
A wide variety of power cards for game players.
Predefined and customizable rooms for game players.
Varied beautiful themes/maps to choose from.
Different types of mascots with unique powers for game players.
Daily welcome bonus and task rewards for the game players.
Snakes and Ladders game 3d is suitable for all ages.
Support multiple devices like smartphones and tablets.


If you like DADOO, please give us feedback. We always appreciate your suggestions, ideas for improvement, and recommendations regarding our game. Send us your feedback at info[at], or visit our site at


Dadoo user reviews :

great game, i love playing it!!! but it lags so much that i have to reload the app after every round + chests take like 4 hours to open and u can only open 1 at a time… if ur easily irritated by the lagging like me then don’t download!

  • Thanks for the feedback. For the chest time, we have already discussed it internally. About the lag, you can try to change the server for now. If the problem persists, please tell us about the device and type of connection you’re using (wifi or cell data). You can tell us here or by email to Sorry for the inconvenience

I love this game. But sure this game need improvement. One time i play with stranger, and he doesn’t move for more than 3 minute!!! Every player should have timer, no more than 1 or 2 minute, otherwise his move wil skipped. Please add timer for player.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try to fix the problem. For the quick fix, we want to encourage you to change the server. If the problem persists, please don’t hesitate to tell us here or by email to Sorry for the inconvenience

I really enjoyed the game, especially on my tablet! But please make an “are you sure to logout?” question when people click on “logout” button, Because I accidentally hit “logout” button, and it just log me out without another verification, Furthermore, I love this game!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We’ll discuss the improvements with the team. Happy playing!

LOVE IT!!! Totally fun to play, love to send spell to other player and beat them. Lol! I hope there is also a campaign mode, sometime I am not patient enough to wait other player turn..

Cool game to spendtime. Mostly luck, but quite fun with some spices of strategic cards. Nice music and visuals as well.

Fun game to play with different mascot abilites that makes the game interesting. Personally my fav thing to do in this game is bullying my friend and destroying our friendship in the process

A great takes on traditional games with a little bit of competitive spices.

Can’t get past the sign in feature. Their’s is got to be an error in the game code!

  • Thanks for the report, we’re currently trying to resolve the issue. For now, could you try to tell us about your browser and the type of connection you were using (wifi or cellular data)? You can answer the question here or at feedback[at] Once again, thank you for your help and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Can’t use the cards

  • Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell us more about the bug? Is the card not clickable or the card can’t be minimized after you select it? You can tell us here or by email to feedback[at] We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

At loading screen, u can if you have a google play account. Logged in, sent me back to loading screen, where it proceeded to ask me to sign in google again, which i did. Again, took me back to loading screen n alas, want me to log in to google again. Yeah okey dokey then. Uninstalled.

  • Thanks for the report, we’ll try to fix the bug. For now, could you try to tell us about your type of device, the browser, and the type of connection you were using (wifi or cellular data)? Sorry for the inconvenience.

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