Darkness Saga – Journey through a world of magic

[Game] Darkness Saga

Darkness SagaDarkness Saga presents to you a fantastical magic world with incredibly stunning combat effects.

From magic exploration to equipment forging, class advancements, spirit guardians, equipment trading, guild battles, and world domination, it takes you on a journey through a world of magic.

Game Features

Everyone is enemy
Here, the chance of gear dropped is the same for every player. Build a team with your friends. Let’s go to slay the BOSS, you must don’t want to miss the rare item.

Cross server Battle
Get to meet some people that won’t betray you and team up with them. Conquer this magical world, conquer the other servers. Make everyone surrender to you, Be the empire of the world. In the game of cross-server, you win or you die.

Multiple Class Switching
Freely switch between multiple classes, with talents and equipment seamlessly inherited, providing more freedom of choice and a diverse class experience.

Steam and Magic
Explore a steampunk world and experience a different magical continent, embarking on an adventure in Diagon Alley and the Magic Academy.

Free Abyss Treasure Hunt
Free PvP across the entire map, team up to clear dungeons and share resources, and obtain a full set of top-tier divine equipment from boss drops easily.

Darkness Saga user reviews :

No character customization at all, which is something I was really looking forward to. It’s a good auto game so far but there’s no story, and if there is I must have missed it due to the auto play. The AI card thing is interesting, but I put in “cute” and it just changed the colors of the outfit but black and red, to white and red, maybe I had to go deeper detail but there wasn’t much info to guide. The game is still new, I hope yall take the comments in consideration

It’s an okay game. Not really any purpose to it that I can see. The gameplay is all automatic. After playing a few minutes the game starts glitching. I have to close and reopen the app to get it to work again, which is frustrating. After reopening it you can play for a few minutes then it starts glitching again.

This is basically an idle game. The whole thing runs for you, you get a pet immediately, combat and travel are automatic, and within the first 15 seconds you hit level 10. I don’t know what the point of levels are if it takes nothing to level up. Games like this take no skill and everything gets handed to you, so I’m not sure what the appeal is. Also, in the year 2023, there’s no excuse for classes to be gender locked. Skip it.

I want to give this a full five stars, but I can not. They offer rewards if you do, but there is quite a bit that takes from this game for it to be worthy of five stars. It shoves way too many buy this buy that things in your face, it is extremely heavy and clear on its pay to win model. There was supposed to be customization, there is not. You play a gender locked class and if it has a secondary class, like wild hunter, you have to pay cash for it. The list could go on but I am limited to this.

Great game.. new server has been great but the last couple days I go to login to my character and I keep getting 1/3 to 1/2 loaded in and game crashes. Have not been able to login so my ranking has taken a big hit. Not happy with this at all just glad I havn’t spent much yet or id be getting my money back. If this doesn’t get fixed soon i’ll be quitting. Ive restarted phone, repaired game, tried wifi and data.. issue still isnt resolved.

  • Thank you for your love and support. If you have encountered any other problems in the game, please feel free to contact us via Facebook and Discord. We are trying to fix this problem, thank you for your patience.

It’s more of an idle type game than anything else. Leveling up is oddly fast, but I suppose it’s a trade-off for similar games that take time (and lots of money) to level up faster. It keeps me occupied so I like it.

Great experience, Lil buggy from time to time otherwise thing are challenging ish but also adjustable somethings are pay to win but you get good gear just as quick as anyone else does and the gear designs are amazing as are the mounts and spirits you gain throughout the game. Would recommend to people who like these types of games 10/10

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