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DartBee  DartBee keeps your score during your games of darts, but it does more than that! It has multiple games that can be played on a dartboard: 501, Cricket, and Cut Throat Cricket. It can track your progress with statistics, keep your entire game history and suggest the best checkout option personalized to your favorite doubles.


Multiple game modes: Cricket, X01, Cut throat cricket.
X01 DartBot computer opponent (that can match your skill level!)
Input scores per turn ( fast for pros! ) or per dart ( easy for beginners! ).
In game live statistics: average score, checkout percentage, 180’s and more!
Full history of all your darts games. Track your progress and matchups with personal profiles and graphs.
Personal checkout recommendations based on your favorite doubles.
Easy to use design, with option for Dark Mode.
Digital voice scorecaller like on TV: “Tom requires 102. Go for T18-16-D16”
ChromeCast support: show the scoreboard on the TV!
Sync and backup your games history and profiles to the Cloud
100% customisable: play legs only, start at 701, triple in and single out, whatever you want!

Contact me!
Have any feature requests, questions, or would like to see the app translated to your language? Please email me at TomsApplications[at]gmail.com

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DartBee user reviews :

Very intuitive and easy to mark your scores and visually easy to see where you stand at all times. A very nice undo feature if you forget to change to your player and make a mark in error. Fun statistics are recorded everytime you login and play. A consciencious developer who is quick to fix glitches and offer free updates if you pay the modest fee. I am ery impressed!

Latest update plays full screen FULL volume autoplay ad videos. What a turd. In addition the scoring screen is confusing (colors make no sense) and if you can’t make your out with darts in hand it removes the suggestions. Why not tell you what to aim for to set up your next throw? You also can’t play one person cricket so it’s worthless for practice. Uninstalling because of the autoplay videos with sound. Who does that?
  • Tom’s Software Factory
  • 1. The app has always had ads, after each leg, but it was changed to every 60 darts to make it more fair for players that play shorter legs. Get the pro version to get more features and no ads. 2. You CAN play single player cricket! Press the cross to remove players 3. Colors are just profile colors 4. Will look into your setup suggestion, thanks!

As a complete beginner this app was a lifesaver. I’m good at maths but just wanted to concentrate on the game. I tried 3 other apps but the simplicity & the setup process was soooooo much easier with DartBee. So, I’ve just paid a couple of quid for the Pro version. Thanks guy(s?)!

My partner and I love it. We don’t worry about keeping score anymore. We love a relaxed game which we can review. When it’s only bluetooth speaker it feels like a we have our own score announcer in real tournament and we tease each other and she loves trash talk while we play. Normally a T20 can silence her for a minute then she starts all over. Thanks for helping us bond especially during lockdown . God bless you

I tried several apps before settling on this one. It’s got an intuitive interface, it’s easy to use, allows multiple players at a time and also offers several gaming options..

This is an outstanding App. I have become a much better player since using this app for a better part of 2 years. if keeping score by hand has kept your game limited, look no further, this is the app for you and your friends to use. I play every day and my skill level has reached that of many top level Amatures.

I’ve really enjoyed using the app so far. I’ve been playing x01 against the different dartbot levels and really like it. I haven’t tried cricket yet on the app but I’m hoping it’ll be a similar experience.

How is it that when I play poorly(averaging 39) or well (averaging 72) against the computer at level 5, the computer average always stays within 2 points of me? I want to practice ‘out shots’, not have an app that is scoring most throws under 30 magically throwing huge outs when set at a low level. Give the levels parameters that are realistic.
  • Tom’s Software Factory
  • Hi George, The computer does NOT base its scoring on your scores. It is a simulation of someone actually throwing. The computer can get lucky sometimes, just like real people, but I agree that its too good at finishing, so there is an update rolling out now that makes the lvl4–10 computer opponents worse at finishing. Thanks for the feedback!

Great and simple app, im going to be upgrading to the pro version soon. Really wish the cricket game had a “Newfie” or faldo/shanghai option where you need to close out doubles and triples individually as well as 20-15

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