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[Game] Darts Master

Darts Master  Professional 3D darts simulator, fun shooting games! Real 3D darts physics enabled with smooth gameplay and animations.

All of the popular game rules are supported, including 301, 501, Clock, Cricket, Count-Up and a practice ground. Choose your difficulty levels to complete your darts challenges. Totally free to play, easy to start and hard to be the darts master! The best 3d dart shooter arena is designed for you! Have a nice shoot!


3D Real darts physics, PVP mode supported
Smooth animation running, fantastic sound effect
Multiple game modes supported: 301, 501, Clock, Cricket, Count-Up
Different difficulty levels, easy way to professional
Practice mode for beginners
Responsive action control and immersive effects

Download this darts 3D for free! Enjoy yourself in Darts Master! Be the leading DARTS SCORER!

Additional info: Massive sincere thanks to players who play Darts Master and give us your feedback, which really helps us to make games better! If you need help or have some ideas, please feel free to review on comment section! We will reach to you ASAP! Thanks for being a loyal fan!

Darts Master user reviews :

I like this game because it has a variety of game modes to choose from. And it is the only one that I’ve found that has “Count up” and where you can buy different darts (they’re different flags from all of the countries though.) with the coins you win from beating the computer. (They don’t cost too much.) The only thing that I wish the developers would add is the option to turn off “double-in/double-out”, would you please add that in the next update?

The gameplay dynamics are really good, it brings excitement, quick rounds, and no upgrades you “have-to” buy. Ads are a mere 5 sec, not bad. I can’t see my score or the opponents, but half a number. That is annoying. Not to mention the triples and doubles don’t work on around the clock. I have a screenshot that clearly show I hit triple 16 for instance and it says hit 17! Moreover, get rid of the darn animation after you throw all three darts it wastes time, + shows the misses were actually in!

Hey guys, great app, but could you please release an update with a Story mode and Proper shop with Different darts, stems and flights… The Country flags are nice, but I really think that a wider variety would lead to more interest in the game… Also players may not find their country like me (South Africa)… Excellent Game, but needs a few improvements. BEST OFFLINE DARTS GAME!!!

This game needs to be more consistent in the way the computer plays. On levels 1 and 2 the computer plays the same on all 8 rounds of count up. It’s easy to win. The hard level is impossible to win. Please add creativity to this game.

I love this dart game the reason for the 3 stars is the adds that come on in the he middle of throwing your darts!! That’s not cool nor is that going to get me to pay not to have adds!! The way the adds pop up is a low way to trick someone into paying.there are other dart games that don’t do that, that are fun also… Just saying

It’s touchy. I just about gave it up but spent some time in practice mode and got the hang of it. Definitely can’t just flick a finger and expect your dart to hit the target, this game you need to ‘plug into’.

Realistic, i would’ve said yes but not sure. But i know one thing that I’m sure of, it beats me once in awhile. Its skill n fun, frustrating sometimes but entertaining. Thanks

Really enjoy this Cricket & Around the World games. I also like the control I have over game play. If I’m just not feeling it. I can lower their fighting skill. When more competitive I can raise it.

The game is larger than my screen. Therefore I cannot see the entire scoreboard. Only see 2 right hand digits on player 1 and 2 lefthand digits on player 2. Makes it hard to track score on cricket.

Very fun. Addicting….I just wish you could buy more stuff. Like different, creative darts.

Great fun. The way ads are managed is brilliant and acceptable. Grab a pint and settle in because it is fun!

This is very amazing games you can understand how to play and you got the marks easy normal and typical game you can practice with this game very nice.

Darts go true to toss early rounds- later rounds they throw like their’s a disturbance in the force. Much fun, and quick to play . Cool game!

It’s much easier than the other dart games. It’s having the control of throwing the darts.

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