Dead Paradise – Show your skills and seize control of all the gangs

[Game] Dead Paradise

Dead Paradise  Destroy everything in your way without sparing a single rocket or round in the dangerous world of a post-apocalyptic New America ruled by warring rival factions on wheels!

Use a large arsenal of weapons, from machine guns to grenade launchers, to destroy marauding gangs and get your family back. Dodge annoying mines and fortified turrets. Show your skills and seize control of all the gangs!

4 types of vehicles able to overcome any obstacles are waiting for you. Enemies are smashed against the armor of the Tank, but it’s not as fast as the Reaper, so you’ll have to make the best use of your options. Upgrade your off-road vehicles to make them too tough to crack for pirates on wheels!

Fight in the post-apocalyptic expanses of New America. The journey will start from the city where your family lived. A long journey through deserts, quarries, suburbs, and airports awaits before you can hope to find the one who wronged you.

The Mechanic and the Stalker will be the first to help you. When you play, you can free and conquer other characters. Each one has a powerful new weapon, but will everyone stay with you till the end?


More than 70 levels with different locations: City, Desert, Canyon, Suburb, and others
Conquer one location after another, getting resources from enemy gangs
Level up your sweet rides: 5 vehicles to choose from, including the Tank
Fight across the vast expanses of the post-apocalyptic world
Customizable control
3 difficulty levels with different rewards
More than 15 types of enemies, from ordinary bikes to heavy tanks
4 unique bosses
Large arsenal: machine guns, shotguns, and others; including a grenade launcher
Interaction with friends and resource sharing on Facebook

Dead Paradise user reviews :

Fun game, forced ads weren’t that much of an issue. I found myself constantly watching videos for gas and gold, since there’s a lot of repetition. Speaking of, I like that you can replay the missions to earn money for upgrades, but don’t like how they get increase difficulty everytime you beat the level until it resets. Now, I don’t like how you can’t upgrade your main gun. Doesn’t do a lot of damage, no matter how much the car is upgraded. But bverall, it’s a fun game.

This is a fun and entertaining game to kill some time with. I definitely recommend it for some fairly fun mayhem, with a realistic difficulty gradient. Making it easier to change back and forth between the weapons that you have bought for your vehicles would be great eg being able to swap between your shotgun and machine gun in the garage for more specific mission weaponry.

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The truck you start off with is evilly built to protect you from enemies and is sooooo much fun and the game gets better after each level gets beat.

This game is a good one and the graphics are excelent but please u guy(s) should look at the issue of fuel cost it doesnt help at all, what gives joy is playing the game continually but in this case when fuel finished you cant play it you will wait for hours again, try and do something about the fuel issue. In all the game is good..
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With play pass everything is unlocked but whats the point if your not really driving.. It drives itself all you do is get to turn the gun in rotation back and forth. Glad i didnt spend money or time trying beef up rides.
  • Perhaps you will like our other games, you can download: RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme, Car Eats Car 3D and Car Eats Car 3 etc .. We wish you a pleasant game)
Great control and excellent graphics.. I love it. Make it more easy to weapons and other mission materia.
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I wish the coins were like 1000 or $2,000 each time you go on a different level you know that’s all fine. You welcome!
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Fun game, four requests 1. Infinitely replayable missions, you beat each difficulty once, then you can choose each difficulty(with its respective reward except salloon rewards) 2. An “auto mode for the gunner, albeit he’s less effective against individual targets(less accuracy,less ROF, ect.) 3. An enemy enclycopedia with each enemy type and their respective stats can choose the gunners weapon(ie. the avengers gunner can use both a machinegun and a shotgun,seemingly at random, lemme pick)
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This has become one of my favorite things to play to pass the time. Great controls and graphics I love it. Keep up the good work.
  • Thanks!
Love this game, reminds me of mad max fury road.
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Thanks you so much!
Waited too long for mobile version, now I just can’t stop playing!
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  • Thanks! Good luck and have fun!
Wow!!! So much action in this game
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Thank you kindly! Have a good time with this game!

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