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[Game] DesignVille – Merge & Story

DesignVilleDive into a story full of fun characters, complete renovation orders from different clients, create a unique design for each room, decorate how you want and let your creativity run wild!

Make your dream come true: build and expand the biggest and best remodel studio in DesignVille! Complete a lot of design projects and home makeovers!

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Why you’ll love DesignVille:

Awesome graphics and detailed animations
Fun and easy to learn merge puzzle gameplay: match, merge and combine tiles to craft better tools and rare unique items
Clean up game board and rearrange tiles for relaxing, satisfying and destressing experience
Level up, earn generous rewards and unlock new combinations
Creative, no-rules design freedom! Arrange your rooms however you want, decorate gardens, renovate mansions and create designs of your dreams!
Huge selection of furniture and decorations in any style!
Fun plot where you complete design orders, look for new clients, meet cool characters and manage your own design studio business!

DesignVille welcomes anyone who are interested in home decoration, interior design, manor renovation, remodeling, gardening, home improvement and other exciting design related things! You will get a lot of design ideas and inspiration in our game.

Please join us if you like to solve puzzles, find combinations and matches, combine items and enjoy fun and exciting storyline with charismatic and memorable characters!

DesignVille user reviews :

I was very happy with the app, initially, but the last update removed coins from the game, which makes it much harder to buy extra storage space or items from the shopping submenu, and also means that removing lower level items doesn’t pay me back in any way. I can definitely see why this move is profitable since it stimulates microtransactions, but it’s very annoying and I might end up uninstalling the game if I can’t get used to it.

  • Hello! The in-game economics was reviewed so coins were removed from the game. There are a lot of ways to get rubies so you can buy extra storage space in no time. You can sell only items of level 3-4 and higher. Thank you for your feedback!

I’ve been playing this game for years, and it has gotten so much worse with each update. Now generators take forever to recharge, even the first time you use them (I know you can watch adds but that makes the game really fastidious). Also I have all generator levels maxed out and now they’re suddenly producing level 1 items. I like most of the newer events, but it’s annoying that you are forced to participate in the photography and painting events.

  • Hello! We’ll take it into consideration, thank you for your feedback!

I took a risk and did the update. I’m so happy with the results. Everything kinda went back to normal and it almost all looks the same again. Thank you TAPCLAP. I am happy with the changes and I usually react badly to them because the features of the games is what the game IS. And when changes happens its changes the character of the game. Anyways. Thank you.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback!

This game is not flexible enough to keep interest and the most recent update has me needing to tap 5x before I get a single effect. Last time it was tap twice and that was annoying enough. Other games are more sensitive and less irritating. I think I’m done trying to get thru this. Snot fun anymore

  • Hello! The issue will be fixed in the upcoming update, thank you!

First Impressions: Board filled up super fast forcing me to sell off needed items. Generators run out super fast after only a few items. I guess due to “events” taking up even more space, I’m unable to clear the boxes for more space. I don’t see this lasting long before I uninstall…

  • Hello! We’ll take it into consideration, thank you for your feedback!

Theres a problem with the adds it takes too long to have one add , i cant open add while there is good connection to internet why? Sometimes every 10 minute to come an add , its very bad to wait and u dont have any energy though :\ sometimes it takes 30 minute Plz solve it , its bad :w

  • Hello! Sometimes ads can be unavailable when the ad provider has no video to show you at the current moment. Please check for it a bit later!

I can’t get the progress I had back and I am not gunna restart a 3rd time since I cannot have my progress saved logging into Facebook or Google. It needs to be updated so we can log into 1 of those 2 and that we can be asked when we open the game to login to 1 of those 2.

  • Hello! Please contact us at so we can help you with your progress!

Love the game but its pretty glitchy since day one, but I dealt with it cuz it was fun. Idk what happened, but in the last few days, I can rarely even get it to open. And the few times I have, it blanks out entirely if i try to watch an ad for more lives. So bummed cuz I was obsessed with this for a month and now I can’t even play it…

  • Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience. Please describe the problem in detail to us at and write your ID in the game. You can find it out through the options menu in the upper right corner of the game.

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