Devil Knights Idle – Transform into a powerful devil

[Game] Devil Knights Idle

Devil Knights IdleJoin the journey to regain the lost power of devil!

Grow your very own Devil Knight that gets ever stronger!

A Hack & Slash action RPG that offers the joy of easy growth
Skills packed with action and thrilling hits
Devil promotion system that allows your character to transform into a powerful devil
Diverse dungeons where you can farm various items for level ups
Offline rewards system that offers endless opportunities for advancement

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Devil Knights Idle user reviews :

Not very deep but I keep coming back. Seems relatively f2p friendly…needs higher caps bad. Guilds come soon n maybe good…has potential at least..

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. Since we’ve prepared the game a lot, I hope you enjoy it! We will continue to update so that you can enjoy more fun and fruitful content in the future, so we ask for your continued interest and support!

I can’t even launch the game. Every time I hit the button to log in with Google, the game immediately crashes and won’t let me open the app again until I restart my phone. This is a shame because I was really wanting and looking forward to playing this game.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We apologize that you are experiencing connection issues with the game. Please try reinstalling the game and restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, please contact us at the Customer Support Center Link: Thank you.

The game crashes constantly only a few seconds or a minute in game then crashes the game has potential but it needs fixing

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. Please note that game crash may occur due to memory capacity. Please check the game size and secure some memory to restart the game. Kindly contact our team at, and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you.

While this game still new there’s still lot of things to add or change in-game like equipment enhancement system, Skills, Summons, Crafting and anything about consumable items. Please make it so you can enhance your equipment in one go like 10+ to 50+ enhancement and this also goes with levelling equipment. That’s all I want.

  • Hi. This is Mobirix. Thank you for your precious comment! We’ll send it to the department in charge and do our best to improve the game. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

Can’t even load the game because of the things freezing on a white screen. Please fix stability.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We apologize for any discomfort this may have caused you. To avoid abnormal termination, we ask that you clear unnecessary cache on your device and reinstall the game. Please report to Customer Service if the problem occurs again. Thank you.

keep crashing even tho my phone can run it really well

  • Hi. This is Mobirix. we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. it is difficult to confirm the symptoms based on the review content alone. If the symptoms don’t stop, report to Customer Service with device name, OS version and details of symptoms. Customer Service

Cool. Grinding while afk. Best for time killing.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. Thank you for finding out how fun it is to Devil Knight Idle. We ask for your interest in raising Devil Knight Idle, which will be fun in the future! Thank you.

Feels incomplete compared to other mobirix games.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. Your feedback is very valuable to us. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. If you could give us more detailed feedback, we’ll try to improve it: Thank you.

just have 10min into the game and the top 1 rank have 21mil power :( you release the game in eu cus you lost players, and now you lose more and review 1 star,cus the rank is not fare.

  • Hi. This is Mobirix. Thanks for the comment! Based on this comment, we will always do our best to provide the Devil Knights Idle convenience and smooth service! If you continue to watch and support us, we will strive to improve any shortcomings and make “Devil Knights Idle” even more enjoyable!

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