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DHgateThe DHgate shopping app allows free access to the DHgate wholesale marketplace on the go – connecting you directly to wholesale sellers and getting you cheap prices.

The DHgate app provides one-stop solution for your online purchasing, from international logistics and payment, to internet finance and customer services. DHgate app features over a million Chinese wholesalers, 40 million products for sale and has amassed 10 million buyers from 230 countries and regions.

We provide cost effective all-in-one solution for your business. We enable anyone to buy and sell products in wholesale price globally by providing secure payment services, logistics solutions, escrow protection services, and internet financing.

With a variety of over 20 million products in categories ranging from electronics to wedding dresses and from cosmetics to furniture – you’ll never miss what you’re looking for. Simply tell the app whether you’re buying for wholesale or personal use, choose your favorite categories and receive personalized discounts and recommendations.

DHgate Shopping APP Features:
Secure, organized and reliable mobile platform.
Shop directly from sellers and enjoy lower-than-retail prices.
Check daily deals to find new discount products every day.
Make purchases individually or in bulk (for additional discounts).
Filter and customize to find the perfect product.
Get smart product recommendations based on preferences and browsing history.
Read customer reviews for insight on any product.
Pay using innovative and easy payment options.
Ship using worldwide delivery on most products.
Scan QR codes to jump straight to a product’s page.
Shop at the $1.99 store for the best discounts.
Join the VIP club to receive exclusive benefits including 24/7 customer support and more.
Redeem seasonal promotions for coupons on all your favorite seasonal items.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur making a bottom line or just a savvy consumer looking for the best deals, the DHgate app offers the value you need at the prices you want.

Quick Facts for DHgate Shopping APP
Approximately 1.2 million sellers globally
10 million enterprise and individual buyers from over 230 countries and regions
33 million wholesale and retail product listingsA transaction every 3 seconds
Multilingual Sales: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Download DHgate app and discover the best prices on clothes, electronics, shoes and more!”

DHgate user reviews :

Great app to find things you love. Only issue is it’s damn near impossible to get in touch with customer service. Picture search doesn’t work anymore as far as matching accurately or even close. Some areas of the app are a bit confusing such as coupons and games. And shipping takes sometime. I have gotten some beautiful products from here though.

So far so good, not a bunch of spam or ads. Fast shipping. Haven’t needed customers service though. Easy navigation, rewards, coupons! Shipping sometimes free, sometimes not, Haven’t figured that out yet. Until they give me a reason not to I’m going to continue shopping here, I was a little skeptical, but becoming more optimistic.

First purchase was awesome. Definitely worth the wait. And quality was legit. Would definitely recommend! A lot of sellers recently haven’t been upfront about availability of products and when you go to open a dispute there’s like a 50/50 chance something actually gets done about the issue. Some sellers literally say that because shipping is so expensive you shouldn’t bother doing a return. If it wasn’t for that I’d give it 5 stars.

Navigation and keeping up with favorites is easy. I do wish that you could search through messages and search by order number instead of just scrolling til you find it. The only search is for products. Great app for shopping off the grid. But if you have an issue, it is impossible to quickly find what you need to resolve it.

Will not upgrade when it asks you to on its website and you hit the upgrade button. The App works ok. The sales format uses numbers instead of color descriptions and if they do use color descriptions, a lot of times the colors do not correspond to the pictures color. A nightmare guessing some products like glass lens and metal hardware colors etc.

All the football top I’ve ordered have come within two weeks of ordering and have been of very good quality, only problem is the sizes so always order the size above and you can’t go wrong. If you order player edition tops then order 2 sizes bigger.received up dates on the dilivery so had a rough idea when to expect the item will use the app again.10/10 .

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