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Diamond Mind Baseball H2HDiamond Mind Baseball Head-2-Head allow users to manage a team in a live games on their mobile or tablet devices.

Create a game and pick your team to play against the computer AI manager or another human opponent. Choose a season and team for yourself, set lineups and starting pitchers and lineups and PLAY BALL!


Now you’re at the ballpark. You should see on your Game Screen the ballpark image, which is accurate as to its dimensions, and the scoreboard. On the right, is your manager control board with varying options for your use in playing the game.

Manager Control Board

My Turn – Simply alerts you that it is your turn to select a tactic.

Reports – Gives you access to the Roster, Boxscore, Gamelog, Scoresheet, Park Detail, Play-by-Play (PBP) Log and the Weather report.

Level of Detail – Here is where you can change the level of detail from show each pitch to show each play, or vice versa.

Quickplay – If you want to jump ahead in the game and let the computer take over for a spell, you can jump ahead by half-inning or to the end of any inning, or to the conclusion of the game.

Pause – You can pause a game for up to 72 hours, after which it will be deleted. If you stop a game in progress, it will be retained in your list of Active Games on your home page for that time, and you can elect to continue the game by clicking on the Open Game link. You can delete games by clicking on that link.


Subs – If you are at a point in the game where you need to make personnel changes, pull down the Subs box. Click on the tab to the right of any player currently in your lineup to view the available players on your bench. Select your sub (field player or pitcher) by clicking on his name. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making a double-switch, make sure to click on the tab to the right of their positions to make the appropriate changes. Check the entire lineup before submitting your changes with the Save Substitutions button.

Another useful function of the Subs option is the Review Roster link. You can bring up your roster, your opponent’s roster, view batters or pitchers, or see all players. You also have access to their batting, pitching and defensive ratings – which is something you’ll need to know to anticipate upcoming moves.

Defense Tactics

Each play or pitch will start with the team on the field selecting its defense. The options are:

Normal, In, Corners, Line

Pitching Tactics

Once your defense is set you will have six pitching options available to you:

Challenge, Pitch Around, Walk – Intentional walk, Pitch-out, Auto Play

Offensive Tactics

When your opponent entered his defensive and pitching tactics, you’ll see the My Turn button activate on your screen. At that point you must choose from your offensive options:

Swing Away, Bunt (Suicide Squeeze, Safety Squeeze), Hit & Run, Steal, Take Pitch

Diamond Mind Baseball H2H user reviews :

Pretty much a,GREAT APP. Does a lot of what the PC game does except saving stats, building your own league, etc. But very easy to play and for FREE. Saves me the hassle of getting on my PC. Only knock and it’s not bad, it has the AI and HUMAN players reversed when you review your saved games. For instance, I’m the 1979 Pirates and the AI is the 1979 Orioles and on thr stadium pic in your saved game it will say BAL(me) and PIT(computer). It should be the opposite. Only knock. Otherwise sweet!

Really quite good. A few notes on improvement. When pressing the button to Auto play a At bat while on defense the Quick play options menu shouldn’t be coming up. Also maybe make the team batting on the field a different color so it’s easier to tell where baserunners are.

No season to play would be nice to play seasons from 60s and 70s or even current

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