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[Game] Disc Golf Rival

Disc Golf Rival  Want to play disc golf without leaving your house?

How about testing your skills against thousands of other people? Check out this game, the most fun online real-time competitive disc golf game in the world! With gameplay tuned for authenticity and spectacular graphics and effects, our game will provide a totally immersive disc-golfing experience. Over 100 courses are waiting for you! Just DOWNLOAD now to start playing with people from all over the world!

Easy to pick up and play
Detailed instructions for beginners!
Simply swipe your finger to make perfect shots!

Explore your abilities and earn rewards
Diverse courses cater for different levels of players!
Gain rewards to upgrade your equipment!
Challenge yourself to unlock over 100 courses!

Social media integration
Invite your Facebook friends to join you!
Accept daily gifts from your friends!
Upload and share your personal profile with other players!

DOWNLOAD and BEGIN playing now! More surprises are waiting for you to discover!

Disc Golf Rival user reviews :

Fun game. WARNING! If you are are pretty good at this game do not waste your time. I made it through to Tour 6 in less then 200 games. Now Im playing people who are way higher then me, played 1000’s of games but more importantly have gained way better disc’s. I went from a 72% win rate to 52%. The tee box is moved way back and everyone out drives me by 50 plus. I have to play perfect on every shot and hope they make a mistake. Again fun game up to a point.

UPDATED REVIEW: Since an “upgrade” in January 2021, the game has gone from 3 stars to one star. Inconsistent strategies. What works one times may not work next time. Bots can do the impossible sometimes. No way to provide feedback to the developers. They don’t seem to care at all. Save your time and find another game. Just about the time you get proficient at this game, they’ll change all the rules.

The new update is horrible. I don’t recommend this game. The creators know nothing about disc golf and the only way to advance now is to buy your way there. Don’t waste your time. Not to mention the endless Bots you play, or should I say the same people at different levels, trophies, and disc’s. Hell this new update even declares a winner before a shoot out. You can both eagle a course and you’ll either be declared the winner or lose without even competing in a shootout now.

The game play of the previous version felt more snappy and responsive. I’m not a fan of the new way one adds points. The curve on the unadjusted disk throws, not to mention how much adjustment is available, seems a little absurd. I really liked the original, having a hard time getting in to this one. Going to go app hunting, I suppose.

Played this game for about a year in 2020 and the devs were thoughtful about the experience and made fixes and fun adds for tournaments and such. The 2021 ‘update’ changed everything. Now it is boring and endlessly repetitive. I went from recommending this to friends and spending some money on it from time to time to basically giving it up. I’d advise folks to move on and maybe check back in a few months to see if things have been fixed. We will let you know in these reviews if that happens.

Game was 5 stars before the last update. Shouldn’t have done left and right disc’s, it’s extremely annoying. Changed the stats on most all the discs, ruining the discs that you don’t have to pay for. Got rid of top spin, why? If you’re looking for a disc golf game download a different one. I’ll update this review when/if the game gets better.

Fun time killer. There are a few negatives though. The disc rolling into the pole under the basket shouldn’t count as making it. And with a recent update, they took away forehand and backhand throws and replaced them with right-handed and left-handed throws. This makes no sense, people don’t throw with both hands and it stops you from using a disc you like to its full potential.

Game was great! I’ve unlocked most of the discs and finally made PRO status. This update comes out and completely wiped my progress and I’m completely at the beginning with nothing. I have spent real money for ingame items and I dont even have those now! Because of this update i would not recommend this game at all and hope the developers will figure out how to fix this problem.

I really enjoyed the version I downloaded previous to the most recent update. The game itself seems simple enough but in my opinion has been constantly adding depth to how much control a player actually has of their skill. Before the recent update I would provide the developer with 5 star rating but in my humble opinion the game took a step backwards in its playability… I am steady playing the same courses over and over trying to improve weekly rank and to unlock the next course that was obtai

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