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Document Scanner PDF Creator  Do you have a shortage of time and want to scan a lot of documents? Then you need to download a CamScanner to scan these documents in just one click. We are providing a Document Scanner – PDF creator App that is the best app to scan documents. You can scan any document or photo through our document scanner app.

Nowadays, everyone needs to download a document scanner and editor app whether you are a student, business man or teacher. It is not easy to scan a variety of documents with your mobile phone. But through our document scanner and PDF creator app, you can easily scan any colored documents, photo or text.

Document scanner best app that enables you to scan your image and documents with high quality through your mobile easily. Moreover, the document scanner convert to pdf and has some auto- correction functions like increasing the brightness or filter the image for best and high quality documents.

Download our best document scanner – PDF creator app now and enjoy its exciting features and user friendly design which is very eye catching.
How To Use Document Scanner Editor?
You can use the document scanner offline app in two ways:
By Taking Picture:
Open it and click on the “scan document”.
Take a picture of a document which you want to scan.
Adjust scan area.
Crop it if you want.
According to your need, select the original color, sharp black or OCV black.
Save changes and then click on “save as PDF”.
If you want to secure your file then set a password.
Your document will save as a PDF file.
Import From Gallery:
Click on three dots.
Click on “import form gallery”.
Select the image which you want to scan.
According to your need, crop that image as well as adjust brightness.
Save changes and then click on “save as PDF”.
If you want to secure your file then set a password.
Your document will save as a PDF file.
Just install our best document scanner with editor app and enjoy its exciting features.
Features Of Document Scanner – PDF Creator
Let’s take a look at the best features of our document scanner app free.
Document scanner free scan pdf documents, docs or important papers on your mobile in just one click.
Document scanner – PDF creator has an ability to scan more than one page at a time.
Having an auto cropping function to scan documents easily by using our document scanner to PDF.
Brightness and contrast options to optimize your PDF
Import images from gallery of mobile phones
Scan QR and Barcode
Generate QR and Barcode through document scanner into PDF
Change view mode according to your choice grid or list
Auto brightness
Bright and sharp PDF to scan doc
Set a password to secure your files through our app document scanner scan PDF
Magic colors to enhance the scan quality
You can edit documents to add color filters, adjust, use highlighter to highlight important things of documents, add picture in documents, add signature, add watermark as well as add text, overlay or color effects.
Share files directly from document scanner – PDF creator app
Convert image to text
Just install our document scanner free app and make document scanning easy.

Our aim is to provide the best document scanner – a PDF creator app to our users. Moreover, we are always looking to improve the experience to make our document scanner app on PDF easy to use. If you face any problem in our document scanner for an android app or want any help then tell us. We will be thankful for feedback about our best document scanner – PDF creator app.

Document Scanner PDF Creator user reviews :

This app has more features than any other scanner out there. Really easy and quick to use. Autocropping is pretty accurate and the images are edited perfectly using the filters. Especially useful for scanning and editing multipage documents which others app do not handle well. I just wished that an
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  • Thanks for downloading Document Scanner PDF Creator
Best document scanner pdf creator app. This app can easily scan documents as well as can create pdf files. Moreover, it’s Design is very beautiful, attractive as well as eye catching. I highly recommend this best app. Download this app if you want to scan your documents or create pdf file.
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  • Thanks for using our document scanner app
Excellent and beautiful design. This document scanner app help me a lot as it’s easy to use for me. Thanks and always stay blessed. Highly recommended.
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  • Thanks for downloading Document Scanner PDF Creator

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