DogWorld – The cute little puppies are waiting for you

[Game] DogWorld – My cute puppy

DogWorld  The sweetest animal playing app DogWorld for everyone who always dreamt of having a dog.

The cute little puppies are waiting for you to play with them. These dogs are true companions: you can take them anywhere and everywhere with you.

The animal playing app for big and small dog lovers
Your low-maintenance, virtual pet to play with and take care of
Cool 3D graphics
Collect stars to save for surprises
Frequent updates and cool upgrades

Your virtual dog for playing, petting and cuddling
Your puppies react to touches on the touchscreen – this is how you can spoil them all around. They’re always happy when you visit them because they’re cuddly and playful dogs, who simply put everyone in a good mood. The more you play with them the more surprises wait for you: in every new level you’ll receive a gift box with many accessories for your dogs plus treats and toys that every puppy loves.

This puppy loves dancing and dressing up
In this animal playing game you can do more than just pet and wash your pets. You have your own room where you can dress them up and photograph them. Your puppies loves posing for the camera. There are always new upgrades for the costume box so that it’s never boring. In an additional room your dogs show you their lumbering dance moves to diverse songs that you can select.

Good moods are guaranteed in DogWorld!

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DogWorld user reviews :

Since I last played this you’ve added ads. I paid for no ads and all the puppies. But suddenly there’s ads between activities. How annoying. And when you change decorations, the blue dog bed never works. You cant use it. I like the new thing you added where the puppy can dig up new toys outside. Thats cute.

I like this game. but it is kinda boring because there is only 3 rooms. i will rate it back to 5 stars if you make everything free. (not the items btw just the room)

This is a really great game overall, but my only problem is that when you get the blue dog bed you can’t put it in the room. Really annoying so could you please fix it

Cute and fun for a few minutes but then starts to get boring. You only get 3 free rooms and 3 starter dogs. It’s nice but not much to do…

I give this game three stars. I would give it four or five. But i have two things i dont like. 1. Add some more dogs that dont cost real money! ( maybe add a husky that dosnt cost real money) 2. Add some more stuff to do with your dog!

A really good and relaxing game to play. If you’re getting a puppy or a dog this would be a good game for your kids to play so they know how to responsibly look after a dog. One thing is all the ads and you are only allowed 3 dogs. I’m giving this game 4 stars.

I like this game but it would be fun to have all rooms instead of buying it with real money,still five stars please make it to unlock rooms on one of the levels!

Good game. But only 3 dog’s breeds are opened. So it’s not very right. 3 pet’s playing things are not all opened. So please opened it. That I will give this game 5 stars. Please

This game is adorable especially when the dog brings the present to you and this game allows kids to have the pet dog experience without begging their mum and/or dad to get them a dog this game is suitable for all ages as I see nothing age specific about it.

You have to buy most of the stuff I gave it 3 stars because it is really cute and little kids would like this unfortunately you’re only get 3 dogs to choose from without paying and overall pretty good

It’s pretty good but I dont like the fact you have to buy the dogs what’s the point why cant we just have them like only three dogs that we can play with but aprt from that its fabulous

Great game, but half of the rooms are locked. I also think it needs more breeds. and the dogs should be able to grow up. other than that, it is cool.

The dogs are so cute and the graphics are normal but i wish there was more rooms

There is no words I can say to say how good it is. If you play it you will understand. Too good for words. 5stars all round. I play it 27/7

I love it but the only thing is that I don’t really like the Halloween dog and it looks ugly so please remove it thank you.

I would prefer all of your games to be offline cause I don’t have any internet. And all of them to have more than 3 dogs to play with.

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