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doubleTwistdoubleTwist is a powerful music player and podcast manager with music sync functionality.

doubleTwist Player has over 100,000 five star ratings and a fast, easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need to jump between different apps to play music, manage podcasts, or sync iTunes playlists. Plus, you can cast or AirPlay music from your Android with the optional AirSync purchase!

doubleTwist Music Player has been recommended by the New York Times, BBC, Wall Street Journal and numerous tech publications.

What’s the catch?
Unlike other music players, doubleTwist is a free download, not a “trial”. We update it frequently and listen to your feedback to make it better.

We make money from an optional in-app upgrade to doubleTwist Pro unlocking the following premium music player features:

AirSync for wireless sync over WiFi
Chromecast, AirPlay & DLNA support
10-band equalizer & SuperSound
Gapless playback
Album art search
Removal of ads in the podcast & radio screens.
Premium themes
Sleep timer

doubleTwist is handmade with  in Austin, Texas, live music’s world capital. Thanks to you, we manage music & podcasts for more than 10 million loyal listeners.

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doubleTwist user reviews :

Update: I used to love this app, because the support was excellent. I’d love to know how to sync my playlists from my app to my PC, but I can’t find any way to do it and there’s no help online. PREVIOUS REVIEW: I purchased the pro version, because I wanted to support the creators. I wish I could opt out of the prompts to upgrade to the Twist Pass, but other than that its a wonderful app. I particularly like the online community and how responsive the developers are in replying with fixes.

Only just installed this app but already love it! I’ve spent what felt like way too long looking for a no-nonsense music app that is not only clean, well designed but which can actually (doh!) play double albums in the CORRECT ORDER… amazing how others failed on this. Love that it’s not purely playlist based, the “play” option for the album is exactly what’s required. Will probably upgrade to the pro version once I’ve had a chance to use it for a while.

I really love this app, but I’ve had a lot of problems with it. It puts multiple “greatest hits” albums into one album cover, so now they all share the same album art. It has trouble finding missing album art for some very popular artists. The nail in the coffin is the program constantly crashes, freezes, and shuts down. You will lose half or more of your album art, then it can’t locate songs. I have purchased the app and reinstalled it numerous times, but it still keeps failing.

Friendly, parses my music library well, great search function. Direct access to the play queue to modify at will even during shuffle is great, and I love the additional features like EQ and even the simple touches like allowing Bluetooth connectivity to trigger playback. Great all around. Been using it for four years now and I will never stop.

One of the greatest music/video apps that I use on my daily driver.. Please, keep this app available for years to come. I know it takes dedication to allow this app to remain free (minus pro features) but, just know it’s always appreciated by the many people around the world that enjoy DoubleTwist.. **There is a glitch where if you scrub through a song or skip it too quick it will not play the song any more even though it remains in the music library.

I love Double Twist, been using it for years for my 6,000+ songs. However I have discovered a few Issues I hope you help me with. First is that for a while my album art for the same artist was the same. It doesn’t do this anymore but didn’t fix the one’s affected. More importantly I have an issue where I can’t select songs in my playlists, which is very annoying. Please help, I believe this is the best music player there is and I’d like to enjoy it fully.

Great app, lots of good things. However, there is a major issue when trying to adjust playlists. When trying to move a song up or down the order in your playlist, it will randomly jump and jumble all the albums around that song. So instead of having each album seperate, it will have the first song from the first album, then the first song from the second album, then the first from the third, etc. Only way I can seem to fix it is to manually adjust each song, which can take an hour. Ridiculous.

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