Dragon City – Summon dragons from a magical world

[Game] Dragon City

Dragon City  Build a magical world in Dragon City !

Gain hundreds of dragons, breed them and make them level up in order to become a Dragon Master!

Train your dragons for battle and show off their strength by engaging in combat with other players!
Enjoy a full experience playing on your Android phone or tablet, as well as on Facebook. Now you can take care of your dragons anytime, anywhere!
Dragon City FEATURES
Gain a full collection, there are more than 100 different dragons available!
New dragons and adventures are waiting for you every week! Don’t miss them!
Build a city with magical buildings that other players will envy!
Battle online with thousands of players and display your dragons’ power!
Breed and combine 10 types of dragons (Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure) and obtain new and more powerful hybrids!
Unlimited fun with hundreds of missions!
Play with your friends, send them gifts and visit their islands!

Enjoy the full experience playing on your Android phone and tablet, as well as on Facebook. Now you can take care of your dragons anytime, anywhere!

Dragon City user reviews :

I love this game, and have been playing for quite a while. I love spending time withmy favorite dragons and watching them grow. The problem is: the ads. Now, I don’t mind watching them, the rewards from watching them are worth it most of the time. But, they aren’t working right. I’ve watched probably forty ads today alone, and only one in ten actually work to speed up the building/hatching/exc. There’s nothing wrong with ads, but if I’m watching them for nothing… well, I don’t enjoy that.

My initial review was going to be a 5 star, but you recently made so that once I open the game, a random add pops out. I get that this is a free game, but I am unable to close the add, there is no “x” button and so I have to restart the game. The process goes on for 5-6 times until I get a closable add. Fix and my review will be 5 stars.

Amazing game,good graphics and lots of dragons to collect. You never get bored of playing it

Very good game and no ads like other games, or even trying so hard to make you buy premium.

The old version (on facebook) is very nostalgic, I remember feeling like the king when getting the gummy dragon but now things are just too easy, if you spend some time working on an event, you get a legendary dragon easy as that, the satisfaction is far from what it was in the past. You just needed to keep it simple, free to play and not full of ads. I really appreciate the fact that more dragons are added so often

It was great but if you could get gems more easily then it be a 100 out of the 10 but it’s a 10 out of 10

Potential to he a hit: Starts off a fun and almost addictive game where we collect, hatch, raise and battle dragons of all sorts. After the tutorial, you learn in order to progress in the function of collecting eggs and exploring what the game has to offer, you must begin paying money or you’ll be left with a very slow to no sense of growth and progression. There’s no storyline to follow and no real incentive for continuous play. I also have a problem with the game simply working sometimes.

I really enjoyed this game sure, at the start you may have barely anything but it slowly gives you good items, it even allows you to have the choice for if you want ads or not, which is rare when it comes to mobile games. It is also a tycoon type of game which sometimes aren’t the best it engages you to like this game. Overall it’s a good game that I would suggest!

Money I bought 800 gems so I could do the daily special, I got $30 million but when I logged back in it took my money but left me the food I bought with extra. IM NOT HAPPY

Poor Anybody else been screwed over by them? Emailed them twice with no reply!! My email is itzsarah@hotmail.co.uk tell me if you have got your money back or not! It was good up until I used a £10 facebook voucher to get 200 gems and it took my money but didn’t give me my gems! I have seen you have done this to a lot of people. I want my gems or I want a refund and will be uninstalling if not fixed!! Not happy 1 bit!

Exellent game I see this game daily and i never got bored !

Latest Update :

Your dragons have been hard at work preparing for some big things coming to Dragon City!
Support for pending content updates
Technical improvements
Stay tuned!

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