Dragon Fantasy – Authentic 8-bit artwork

[Game] Dragon Fantasy – 8-bit RPG

Dragon FantasyExperience an all-new old adventure!

Fight your way through hordes of strange, silly, and scary monsters! Explore the caves, castles, and dungeons of an ancient evil! Meet warriors, princes, pirates, zombies, and crazy old woodsmen in huge world of epic retro RPG adventure!

Authentic 8-bit artwork and an original soundtrack by renowned Bay Area 8-bit musician, Crashfaster keeps the game true to its retro roots.

Chapter 1:
Join Ogden, a hero who’s been written off as past his prime as he goes on a new adventure to reclaim his past glory…

Chapter 2:
Prince Anders of Wester discovers the secrets beneath Castle Wester. Team up with Lt. Chester ‘Chest’ Manstrong of the Westerian Army and unravel the mysteries behind King Wester’s disappearance. But beware the mysterious mercenary, Serpent Diablo. Is he friend or foe?

Chapter 3:
Help Jerald, an adventurous thief, and his niece Ramona escape from the increasingly dangerous desert empire of Sandheim. A mysterious amulet will change their lives forever, and only one of them will make it to safety.

Intermission M:
Intermission M is our fan letter to the glorious world of Minecraft! Join the Woodsman and Ramona as they help a certain mysterious stranger recover his magic swedish hat! Along the way, you’ll need to master the art of crafting weapons and armor to face the evil mobs living in this bizarre world. But you won’t have to face them alone – learn to recruit monsters and you’ll be able to enlist their aid in your quest.

Dragon Fantasy user reviews :

Thank you! Good nostalgia. Very good game! I wish there would be more games with soul, like this here. Tried it on friends PsVita, instantly bought it

Wonderful game please bring it back to the app store

Can’t play it. It crashes on my Nexus 5, and Nexus 10 as soon as I hit “New Game”. edit: I wrote the developer, and they wrote me back right away, letting me know that a fix was in the works. That fix has come out and it is working great on all my devices. Excellent developer, a rare breed.

  • A new build was uploaded on August 15th adding a TON of new features, plus improving support for newer devices.

Awesome turn base RPG with funny plot. Well worth the $5 spent. Only problem I have is whenever I go into the statistics screen then hit the back arrow to exit the menu the game crashes. Other than that, that’s the only problem I have had so far. Keep up the good work!

I very much enjoyed this game and it gameplay. But there was a problem. In the setting it says the modern music was in but I kept on hearing the classic music.

Loved this gem with its awesome Dragon Quest-esque game play and mechanics. Retro pixel art, funny humor and old school game play abound. Well worth the small price tag.

  • A new build was uploaded on August 15th adding a TON of new features, plus improving support for newer devices.

Had trouble , it wouldn’t load, but now it’s fine. This is a GREAT 8 Bit Game ! Very well thought out.

  • A new build was uploaded on August 15th adding a TON of new features, plus improving support for newer devices.

Fun. Has personality. Worth the money. Cool game.

Obviously very inspired by the old NES Dragon Warrior this is a great way to burn off a few hours of your life. My favorite part was the humorous names of the bad guys and the combat descriptions. Oh and all the 80s pop-culture references – Ghost Busters, Goonies, etc.

Chapter 1 was awesome. Very oldschool with some nice humor. Compared to it, the other chapters were incredibly sparse, especially chapter 2 which ends right when you think you’ve only finished its intro. Then the intermission chapter ends on a total cliffhanger. It’s like 3 chapters to bring all your heroes together and then . . . nothing. Fun but I want more! I definitely want to see where this story goes.

At first I loved the retro feel, like many who download this game I grew up playing the DQ and FF games. The references to the old games and humorous battles were good for a laugh here and there, but battles get stale very quickly, most spells are useless, and the battle screen keeps referring to your “party” so I kept expecting another party member to join, never happens. A handful of dungeons and game is over. Not worth paying for.

Love the graphics. The directional pad takes some getting used to. Some grinding in the beginning, but that’s normal for getting used to the game. Takes me back to my Game Boy days. Its easy enough so it’s more like a good book than a chess match.

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