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Dragon Mania Legends  Breathe life into your dragons and prepare them for legendary battles! Reclaim your beloved homeland by rebuilding Dragolandia, breeding cute baby hatchlings, and raising them into powerful warriors to fight off the Vikings. There are over 200 species of unique and highly detailed dragons to discover as you become the ultimate Dragon Lord in the most interactive and beautiful dragon breeding and battling game!

Build a variety of habitats on your own Dragon Island
Have your most powerful dragons breed to make strong hatchlings
Feed, cuddle and train your baby dragons in an interactive experience
Collect and discover all kinds of different dragons!

Master a never-before-seen, engaging and dynamic 3-on-3 battle system
Unleash Dragon Fury and thrash your way to victory!
Teach your dragons special skills

Choose your own path and explore a vast world with over 100 points of interest

Visit and send gifts to other players around Dragolandia
Face off against other players in the Arena and win exclusive prizes!

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Dragon Mania Legends user reviews :

The game is amazing! I’ve been playing it since 4 years and I haven’t got bored. Although the game is in general good, I’ve found some bugs. 1) after I watch an ad for reducing the breeding time, my game crashes completely and I have to enter 10 or more times to play. 2) the enchanted league has only difficult players. Can you make a 3-different-level opponents, just like in the old arena? This change could help everyone to have more fun. Please fix these bugs!

This is an really cool game,but its not the first time playing it. In the old version there were no pop-up ads and now there are! Please remove the pop-ups. And i personally think you should make the bundles a little cheaper. And sometimes i dont get the ad reward,but i heard some have this problem with the purchases too! Fix that please. After all its a really good game. I recomend it

The game has excellent graphic and outstanding performance, the only problem is the ads. I wouldn’t mind watching a few ads once in a while but here they bombard you with them after every 4-5 actions. Specifically, here is this one Cetaphil ad that is unbaerable, it require you to flip the screen to run, which you can’t since the game won’t allow it so there is no way to continue except exiting. I sincerely hope that the devs will resolve this issue
  • Gameloft SE
  • Hi! Thanks for leaving a review! We are very sorry to hear about this problem. Can you please report this ad related problem to our Customer Care through the game? Please include what kind of ad it was, so we can track down the root of this problem. Thank you so much and we hope to see you around!
I really love this game, but there are some things I wish were different. First, I wish we could trade dragons and other items like food, gems, money, enchantment materials and so on. Secondly, it would be nice if either we had more time for events or things to get you closer weren’t so expensive. Lastly, I would like it if most things didn’t cost so many gems. But overall I truly enjoy playing this game and maybe one day we will see some changes. Thank you
  • Gameloft SE
  • Hi there! Rest assured that our team is constantly looking into what kind of adjustments can be done to strike a good balance that can satisfy both free-to-play and non-free-to-play users. With that in mind, we’ll be sure to let our team know about your feedback on this matter. Cheers!

Dragon Mania Legends really fun I like the game the dragons are really cute when they hatch and they are always ready to battle when you need they have to level up when you need when you need to level up but if you also do not let them level up you’ll get weaker and weaker but allowing them to level up can make them stronger and stronger until you can defeat the greatest

Great game but It’s an awesome game but I feel like u can really participate in the events unless u spend a ridiculous amount of money. And the thing to watch a video never works

Latest Update :

In this update, we continue the story of the Tyrant dragons.
While exploring a lush island paradise, Portia discovers that a nearby volcano is not as dormant as it seems…
What’s better than a habitat full of dragons? A giant habitat with up to 12 dragons! Collect four mega pieces and combine them to create a Megabitat.
Make sure you don’t miss the first fairytale-themed dragon of the month!

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