Dream Garden Makeover – Create the garden of your dreams

[Game] Dream Garden Makeover

Dream Garden Makeover Help Alex plant the seeds of success to grow gorgeous home gardens in the new hit match 3 puzzle game Dream Garden Makeover!

Dream Garden Features:

SOLVE 1000+ puzzles of endless Match-3 collecting craziness!
DESIGN the perfect garden getaway with a variety of choices!
PLAY through a variety of game modes! You’ll never get bored!
CREATE combos and grow your score!
Frequently updated with new levels, gardens, obstacles and more!

Stop and smell the roses with this match-making hit and create the garden of your dreams!

Dream Garden Makeover user reviews :

Cute game but no free gifts or starter boosters like other games like this and long waits on lives. This game gets hard quick in the 30’s level. This game needs boosters which are expensive or you have to repeat levels serval times in early levels. The 2 stars is only for the cuteness of the game.

While the game itself is actually fun to play, I’ve ran into a few issues/problems 1. I’ve been waiting weeks for new chapters to become available. I have completed every decorating chapter available. 2. They took away the “watch a commercial to earn 10 diamonds” option. Now the only way to get diamonds is to spend real money. 3. They took away the “watch a commercial” for two extra moves option 4. I am currently stuck on level 1346 for the past month. Lol.

Really bad framerates, maybe around 7-10fps, makes me a bit dizzy. I could see it giving someone motion sickness. Really dislike it when the camera pans in on whatever you’re planting, not only because it’s dizzying, but because it needs to be zoomed out to see how it goes with everything else in the yard. In the future, I recommend you avoid clunky 3D CGI & stick with lightweight 2D Flash. These games are for phones & tablets; They can’t handle graphics like PCs can.

Omgosh! Who’d thought that a calm, soothing, match-3 garden game would have me biting my nails to see what happens next???!!! It is not sensational (blech – leave out the drama, please) but a well-told story with pacing and interesting, empathetic characters! I am actually rooting FOR Alex AND Victor right now! It’s a cozy mystery wrapped up in landscaping design, driven by match-3!!! Check it out!!!! Oh, I still get 2 ex moves for watching an ad, +boosts, so dont know what other revs mean?

This games seems to have some glitches and it was taking money twice for jobs and flashing throughout the process. I read the negative reviews and you guys should ashamed of yourselves, no free boosters, no free diamonds, I will not give you my money for this sorry could be better game. I Uninstall after I paid twice for a job. You should as least give free diamonds and boosters after each completed job.

Lovin the game..but now when i play..it does not work properly. The visual is messing up. You win coins and theres a waterfall effect then you cant get all prizes…please fix

It’s a great game but it does get to be where you have to play many levels just to do one thing because it costs to much. Very pretty though.

You make two other match 3 games like this that get challenges 2 times a week. This one doesn’t. And now those two also have a daily designer competition now and this… nothing.

I really like this game I wish there was a way you could save your progress I am a beta tester for these kind of games I give my opinion to the developers alot I have been a beta tester for a very long time Patty but not enough moves pur puzzles to many things to get in the puzzles tone it down a little I hope you care enough about the game and people that play your game to fix if because I know you can you fix I give more stars so let’s see how much you really care about what I am talking about

I love this app but there is absolutely no rewards or chances for extra moves or boosters making each level almost impossible to complete without spending money. I’ll never spend any money on any app

As a landscape business owner, I love the game. I really enjoy landscaping the yards. I’m feeling that your very cheap with free lives, there’s no gifts like other games. Very boring as i want to continue playing and I’m not paying. If there were more, I’d give it a 5!

It’s okay. I like the storyline, but it gets way too difficult way too fast. By level 30 you’re having to repeat a level several times to pass, and this game unfortunately seems like a big money grab. A little disappointed.

It is a cute game. The story is nice, but the young girl seems too naive. A few tips…use the gems to buy boosters, there are no other ways to get them. You don’t get any boosters free, not even when you finish a garden. It gets harder and more expensive, just like all tbe other ones.

I wanted to give a review since a lot of the ones I saw were negative. It has a cute art style, and characters that give you the warm fuzzies. The match system is bland, the power ups don’t combine with each other, and while the lack of ads is nice, they don’t offer any ways to redeem power ups without purchasing gems. I haven’t gotten stuck on a level to a frustrating degree yet, but I can imagine once I get into the 100+ levels it will be annoying. For now it’s just a nice challenge.

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