DroidFish Chess – Combined with a feature-rich graphical user interface

[Game] DroidFish Chess

DroidFish Chess  DroidFish is an Android port of the very strong Stockfish chess engine, combined with a feature-rich graphical user interface.


Opening books: Internal, polyglot, CTG, ABK
Analyze mode
Two player mode
Edit board
PGN import/export/edit
FEN/EPD import
Adjustable playing strength
One Touch Moves
Blindfold mode
Color themes
Animated moves
Scid DB support using “Scid on the go”
Highly configurable
Third party UCI engines
Configurable UCI engine options
Support for “open exchange” engine apps, such as texel and komodo 8.
Gaviota endgame tablebases
Syzygy endgame tablebases
Free, GPLv3

Source code is available from my web page.

The following permissions are used:

Modify/delete SD card contents
To save games to SD card

Full internet access
To optionally communicate with network chess engines

Control vibrator
To optionally vibrate after computer makes a move

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DroidFish Chess user reviews :

Great app and resource, however I’m having trouble with the app always closing itself. It will keep doing this, I’ll uninstall/reinstall Droidfish, it will work until I am finished and close the app, then the next time I use the app and start a New Game to analyze something it will repeatedly force close itself before I can do anything unless I uninstall/reinstall again, repeating…. I wish I had some advice as to what may be causing this. Using on Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Easily the best traditional chess app in the Android store. No ads. Open source. Pretty smooth interface. Seems aimed at being more educational than providing a “juicy” experience. That is to say, don’t expect haptics and sound effects, but do enjoy the guidance and the ability to backtrack and understand.

I love this app, but the problem is when we are playing two player mode, there is no option to fullscreen the game only.I hope there an option to fullscreen the game without toolbar, but the time is included in the game… You know what I mean… I will wait for the update.

The engine behaves in such an unnatural way like it takes 5 min for the 2nd move! then 10 min for obvious moves and crazy fast when the time is close to finish. This app is more suitable for analysis not for playing.

This is the best app , over the Playstore. Great graphic, controls. But there are some exceptions this is best app but let’s make it more good. How can one start match between two different chess engines. To test which is best. Also can you add analysis bar?

Amazing app… No ads, offline with the powerful stockfish engine. I would have given this five stars but the app still lacks the latest stockfish version… Stockfish 14. I would like the app to be updated soon enough.

Very impressive. No complaint. Helped me in so many jams in online games. Can also help you come up with new strategies you don’t have time to think of because the timer on the chess website doesn’t allow you to think.

It takes very long time to check position with mate on mobile… It can restart without older results… Not great but not other options really.

The game is very complicated, wouldn’t recommend for a beginner, but it’s the best for an expert. I wish there were better graphics. And more color.

Needs an option to give time odds to the human opponent. Also I think being able to load two engines simultaneously (for analysis), or pit two different engines against each other would be best.

The best app for Chess. Also, reading editing and sorting Pgn files is quite easy. You can also use other engines like Leela etc apart from Stockfish.

Colorful easy to use features novice to gm level design pieces and board color speaks moves option rich features download oex app to access sf14 play super blitz or tournament time controls adjust cores clears cache analyze positions 888 plus help full like Asus ROG or OnePlus 50 ply plus eval attainable world tcec champ vs Leela thank you developers!!!!!

This is the best Chess app in the Market. May I request to add a feature? Is it possible for you to make a version where we can have two engines playing against each other. I hope I will hear from you on this.

Great app, but would have love to have an option in which u could set the engines to play against each other. This would enhance one training when u watch d engines play ur line against each other.

Very strong analysis tool. Often beats the strongest of computers. Many different engines to choose from which provides a wide variety of play styles and strengths.

The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is because it pauses for minutes on end even on the easiest levels which leads me to think it must be pretending to be thinking rather than actually being stumped by my genius. It also doesn’t have an unlimited time control and even though you can still play the game to completion by letting the time go into minus figures and simply playing on it just bugs me seeing the clock at -3:15. Anyway, it’s a great app. You should download it!

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Game Removed from Play Store

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