DSLR Camera Blur Effects – Create amazing blur background effect pictures

[App] DSLR Camera Blur Effects

DSLR Camera Blur EffectsDSLR Camera Blur Effects : Create amazing blur background effect photos like a Professional DSLR Camera by simply selecting focus area.

DSLRCamera Blur Effects is fast and easy to use app to create amazing blur background effect pictures on the go. Just select the picture from your gallery or capture new picture from camera and apply blur background effect with the help of multiple blurring tool and get prefect result every time.

DSLRCamera Blur Effects provides multiple blur tools like:

Circular Blur
To create Focus on circular area(Adjustable Radius and Position)
Line Blur
To create Focus on linear area(Adjustable Size, Position and Rotation)
Touch to Focus
To create Focus on finger touch area(Adjustable Brush Size and with Undo, Redo)
Touch to Blur
To create Blur on finger touch area(Adjustable Brush Size and with Undo, Redo)

DSLRCamera Blur Effects also provides multiple blur Style like:

Motion Blur
Gaussian Blur
Line Blur
Box Blur
Pixel Blur


Shallow focus photo in the background of the image.
Blur the unwanted part of your picture.
Blur image background effect.
Use brush to blur where you want.
Share freely on social network.
Blur or pixelation ( All or part ).

DSLRCamera Blur Effects is perfect combination of beauty and functionality. And it is Ideal for creating AfterFocus Photo, Focus Photo, Blur Background Pictures, Blur Pictures, Point Blur Picture and many more. Try Now!!

DSLR Camera Blur Effects user reviews :

Easy to use. Draw around subject then select blur outside, first try on my phone using my finger on the touch screen it gave a great result. This app did as well as doing the same thing in Photoshop and taking much longer. Thanks for creating good application, I know have an easy fast way to blur backgrounds. Jeff A., Spokane, WA

installed in Redmi Note 5 Pro. does not seem to have any extra camera setting than the mobile’s built in camera app. I needed Touch to blur functionality mentioned in this app’s description to take better photos of birds in zoo cage by blurring the net of the cage and focusing on the bird behind the net. But did not find Touch to blur option to make it work.

such a great app..but there is more tools that can be added and it would have been better if it worked automatically when you use the camera and it blurred the background it self. Other than that it’s a really great app.

This is a great app! Excellent. it allows you to do much more blur effects..and its much better that downloading another app were as it takes up more space. This app takes up so less space and its so easy to use. Im very happy with this! If anyone is looking at this comment and thinking about downloading..plzz do so now! Im REALLY impressed..

iv searched for this kind of camera blur..and i found the kind of blur i was looking for..satisfaction guaranteed.thanks to the people behind this app. wow!

It really is easy to use and does what it says it does. Makes me wonder why some say it’s garbage/it has too many ads, those individuals probably tried launching similar apps but failed and are probably jealous of the fact that it actually works.Thank you team.

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