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[Game] Dynasty Origins Conquest

Dynasty Origins Conquest   Dynasty Origins: Conquest is the newest Dynasty Origins work by Youzu Games. With a customizable 4×4 layout, new outstanding generals and alliances, command and conquer your way to the throne!

Customize Your Formation
Customize your formation, and strategize before battles! A new 4×4 layout that subverts traditional card strategies is here. In this game, the Three Kingdoms generals are split into six types: Guardians, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Archers, Infantry and Support. Players can mix and match their formations according to the enemy’s layout to land a surprise blow on the opponents!

GvG Cross-Server City Conquest
World warfare! GvG cross-server city conquest! Four big factions gather for an exhilarating battle. With intense cross-server gameplay and alliances competing for the top, becoming #1 isn’t just a pipe dream!

Mix & Match Skills
With an endless variety of skills that you can mix and match, create your own unique combat style! Switch up your skills at any time in battles to swiftly defeat enemies!

PvP Battles to Decide the Season Champion
A brand new season-based gameplay, new monthly rewards and challenges are online now! Will you be eliminated, or will you be the one to reach the throne?

Strengthen heroes, forge your formation
Uncover the hidden secrets behind making your heroes stronger! Six different types of generals are waiting for your steady guidance. Pick out your favorite heroes, and create a lineup you love!

Fantastic Daily Rewards
Sign in daily to receive amazing rewards! You can also check the community often for high-value gift codes. Seize every opportunity to get free gifts, and you’ll be one step closer to conquering the throne!

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Pre-registration Site:  doc.gtarcade.com/pre
Dynasty Origins: Conquest Official Facebook:  www.facebook.com/dynastyoriginsconquest

Millions of people are playing this card strategy game! Don’t be the only one missing out!

Dynasty Origins Conquest user reviews :

This is an amazing game story-wise. I’ve been playing the various Dynasty games since 2008. I love how important strategy is but I feel like it has the potential to get a bit too complicated and hard to follow. It also feels quite a pay to win game in It’s late stages. It was quite impossible to pass top 50 without putting in quite serious money. I can’t wait to see what else the developers do with it.
  • Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
  • Dear player, thank you for your support. Regarding “a bit too complicated and hard to follow. “, can you explain more how you feel this way and we also welcome any constructive suggestions. You can contact us via FB or Discord. Many thanks.

Awesome Game! There is so much to do it’s overwhelming for an old player like me. I’m loving it! Sure there are plenty of ad’s and promos to purchase in-game but I haven’t needed to pay to play. If I had a compliant it would have to be it’s almost too much to do. Hope you enjoy the game as I do!

It’s a fantasies game, honestly. I love the Three Kingdoms Era and the stories and games that have spawned from it, especially when influenced by Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, a personal problem I have is some very important and influential characters that are missing like Cao Cao himself, Sun Quan, and a few other. But I’m just picky.

Keeps crashing. I enjoy the gameplay and the progression is great! However, like many other mobile games, the bombardment for advertised loot is everywhere! VIP rank will not progress without purchases.

Game is fun with 55+ heroes that are all actually usable unlike other games where only the UR are useful. I would really wish they removed energy and came up with a different way to farm coins. The in game coins are the main struggle for anything, and you need an absurd amount of energy to farm it. Atm, it is 1 stamina every 6 minutes. And one mission takes at least 6 energy. That’s one mission every 36 minutes. Sadly, the game may soon become a boring check in game due to lack of stamina.

Surprisingly a good game. It’s not your typical p2w game. Game gives a lot of stuffs for free. There will be always events with good rewards. Really good gameplay. Log in rewards are awesome. They give so much free heros. Save for 1,2 months and you can get a guaranteed SSR+ character.The only thing i didn’t like was the vip system. But there was a survey and by the looks of it, we may get vip points without spending money in the future updates

The story, game play and graphics are great. Pulls have been good for me as well. There is also a ton of stuff to do. THE STAMINA SYSTEM IS STUPID. If you want to keep the stamina for repeat battles and blitzes that is fair. But to have to use 12 for each battle and 6 for every step of each stage is just uncalled for. Especially if you have to blitz 10 or more time to get what is needed to get materials for 1 piece of gear. Also should be a way to level up VIP without spending money.

Just started playing so it’s too early to give feedback. However, graphics and gamplay are fantastic. The strategy is different and refreshing. The game itself and the characters are very nostalgic. I see a lot of potential. Hopefully the developers don’t let me down here. Feels like a winner.

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