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Easy SubtitlesEasy Subtitles : Some videos don’t have embedded subtitles, then subtitles can be provided in separate subtitle files (.srt, .ssa, .ass).

With Easy Subtitles you can easily modify your subtitle files to make sure that your subtitles are perfectly in sync with your videos.

Note: Because of a Google design decision, Android 4.4 doesn’t allow apps to write on the SD Card. This is fixed for Android 5 and above.

Key features:

Supported formats: SubRip (.srt) and SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass)
Supports multiple characters encoding
Lines can be added, removed and modified one by one
Apply a time offset to all lines or a subset of lines
Load files from the external storage
Launch the associated video directly from the application (if there is a video file with the same name)

Content on the advanced mode (available as in-app purchase)
Split files
Merge 2 subtitle files
Create files
Delete files
Search in the subtitle
Multiple line selection
Modify styles

For discussions, bug reports, feature requests, beta versions, please visit the Community:
Beta and Community: plus.google.com/communities/117504063096060095915

A big thank to Android Gamer for the Arabic translation!

Easy Subtitles user reviews :

hi. can we have scrollbar fixed?
  • Didier HoarauMarch 1, 2019
  • Sorry for the delay fixing this issue. The update with the fix should be released in the next few hours
while editing i can select the texts but cant see any copy, cut paste options..how to do these things? otherwise it is a hilarious task.also the editing window will go back after 1 minute so that typed data will lose. pls rectify this issue..help me to find copy, cut,paste options..thank you. otherwise the app is good.didnt find any other problem.
  • Didier HoarauJanuary 16, 2019
  • Hi, for copy/paste these are handled directly by the Android system. This app didn’t prevent or modify this feature. Depending on your phone you may have to tap again on the selected text.

I guess its name represents everything you need to know about this app. It makes subtitling easy.

Easy to use, and works pretty well on dodgy SRT files. 5 stars for the ad-free version.

great and easy to use app but video doesn’t save with the subtitles. it’s saved seperately so you cant send it to people. pls add an embed function.
  • Didier HoarauFebruary 3, 2019
  • Hi, I would love to add an embed feature but this is quite hard to implement on mobile phones. I hope one day I will be able to do it.

Very effective subtitle editor ever use. Purchased premium mode but expected for a “Purchase Restore” option.

This is good but why the subtitle won’t come out? I’ve saved it!
  • Didier HoarauFebruary 18, 2019
  • Hi subtitles are saved in a separate file (commonly with the “.str” extension). These subtitle files are supported by most player but depending on your player you may have to choose the file explicitly or specify that you want the subtitles displayed.
Please add proper sdcard access
  • Didier HoarauJanuary 16, 2019
  • Hi, this can be done in the settings. After enabling the SD card write permission you might still see a message saying that you don’t have permission but you should still be able to save. I will fix this issue

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