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[App] EDGE Lighting – LED Borderlight

EDGE LightingEDGE Lighting – LED Borderlight app for any Android phone is a wonderful lighting tool that adds a moving LED Light around your phone border on Home Screen Desktop, Lock Screen and Called ID screen.

It offers beautiful RGB color combinations and customization options to make your phone screen look stunning and unique.

Key Features –

EDGE Colors – Choose from 48 gradient border color combinations for your edge lighting live wallpaper OR create your own edge color combination with your favorite colors.

Border Shapes – You can choose from a huge library of available shapes to change the edge light design on your phone. For e.g.  Emojis,  Heart,  Sun, Diamond, Star, Comedy Stickers, Funny Emoji and lot more.

Overlay all Apps – Always on Display AOD (AOE) feature that allows you to overlay the edge lighting on all other applications. Now, play your favorite game, use Facebook or Chat on SMS or messenger having beautiful edge border lighting always on and overlay on these applications.

EDGE Light on Caller ID – Want to see the colorful LED Edge Screen Light when someone calls you. Simply activate the caller ID feature in the application and enjoy the edge lighting on your phone border when someone calls you.

All Notch Types supported – You can adjust the edge light wallpaper as per your device Notch. All Notch type screens are supported by this lighting tool including Infinity U, Infinity V, Display Hole and Notch. You can also adjust Notch width, Notch height, Notch radius to fully set the edge light particular to your mobile phone notch.

Set Edge Lighting with 4K Backgrounds – Choose from so many 4K Background options which you can set along with the edge light live wallpaper of your choice. You can also set your own photo with border light live wallpaper on your mobile home screen and lock screen. With Background Presets you get a ready to use stunning combination of a great 4K background and edge color matching to the background. Check the great collection in the app now!

Animation Direction – Change the direction of screen Edge Light animation as per your liking. We provide more than 6 options which you can try and adjust the LED Light direction to suit your preference.

Magical Borders – You can try our exclusive, unique magical lighting style with LED Lights which give a completely new meaning to your mobile screen. Check out our Live Wallpaper section to enjoy our collection of magical border lighting.

Border Settings – This application allows you to completely customize the Edge Light for your device, like –
Edge Lighting Color
Edge Lighting width or Border size
Animation speed
Notch type as per your phone & more…

All Android Devices supported – You can edit our Edge Light on all types of android phones and tablets – Screen Infinity U, Infinity V, Display Notch, Infinity, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung S20, Plus, Sony, One Plus, Xiaomi Mi,

If you like our application, please give us a 5* review and rating along with your feedback and inputs. We will definitely try to incorporate in our future releases. In case you face any issue while using our application, please do reach us at pixelkraft100[at]gmail.com. Our Support team will be happy to assist you.

EDGE Lighting user reviews :

02-28-2024 Samsung wallpaper themes are not applied using the phone’s gallery, but from their themes store. Therefore the suggested fix doesn’t work. 02-27-24 Edge lighting won’t apply to screen when using themes from Samsung Galaxy themes store on A20 with OS 10. Fix and then back to 5 stars. 2/11/24 – Good app. Since install several weeks ago, haven’t experienced any issues with how it performs.

  • Dear User, thanks a lot for your feedback. In order to apply the edge lighting with your preferred wallpaper theme, please set the edge light of your choice first, and then in the Backgrounds section, click on “Choose from Gallery” and then choose any wallpaper from your phone gallery to set it along with edge lighting. Hope this helps.

This app is mind blowing but the live wallpaper and the edge lights do not work together. So I gave only four stars.

Nice features, although it has one hickup when using over apps mode it will cause the screen app functions for the phone to be inoperable. The only button that would be operable was the back and close app pages button at the bottom of my phones screen.

I love all different colors and styles.. very impressed by your work.. so far so good yall!!! Can’t wait to see if you are going to come up with next.. sys. Ttys

This app is very impressive, i loved all the designs and the way it displays all features.

Very cool application. Colors a very vivid. Also nice verity of wallpapers. Just installed, may have additional comments later

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