EDGE – Enigmas and reflexes combine

[Game] EDGE

EDGEDevelop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe.

Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make EDGE a rich and very comprehensive game.

Try out twelve levels for FREE in this demo version of EDGE. You can play all 48 levels in EDGE and 48 more in EDGE Extended!


An original game ideally suited for mobile devices
Catchy electronic soundtrack!
A simple, addictive game for every type of player
12 level in the demo – try EDGE for all 48!


Videogame Festival Milthon Award, Paris

IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) Winner

Triple finalist in IGF Mobile (Independent Game Festival)

EDGE user reviews :

I played this game in my childhood and found it very much excited and amazing. I downloaded it again and find it more interesting . The graphics are best. Good use of various color lights on a black theme . But I will appreciate if they provide complete game for free.

Interesting concept, feels totally chaotic, like you don’t have controll at all. But it lacks some features and improvements, like the ability to zoom in/out, rotate the camera, improve the menu ui, improve the controlls by adding optional joystick and/or buttons controll etc.

I used to play the game on my mum’s old phone in my childhood. It was my one and only game that I had. I remembered it one day and decided to search the play store for it. Luckily I found it! Revived my old childhood memories. So nostalgic! The best game with no stupid ads!!! I would appreciate it very much if you made the whole game free though. Keep it up!

I finally found this game which I used to play in my childhood. The First game of my life which never lost its originality . No ads relaxing game and the developers care for people , not the advertisers and sponsores thats why they dont show ad nowadays also like they used to do 10 years ago which is really good thing. I was 5 years old when I used to play it . Now when I was randomly exploring play store , I found it after long years

The idea behind the game is very good, it just need more improvements regarding the game theme, infinite levels and whatever you can ask to others as suggestions, so that it will click to the mass. Thank you and God bless.

This game brings back so many memories… when I was in 3 standard. But since then, it has not changed(the best game ever made). No ads… But please make the entire game free( like years before till level 46 vertigo)

I FINALLY FOUND THIS GAMEEEE! My favorite game back in 2015.. This is really giving me my childhood vibes like this is so nostalgic, i remember getting bored then playing this game and trying to figure out on how to overcome a level lol it was so much fun. I’m really glad to found this game after for so long, i actually been trying to find this game for like everytime this cube game comes to my mind. Good to know that lots of people play this too and gives them nostalgia

Omg omg i finally found this game after so many brainstorming for these past few days. I don’t know why but i suddenly remembered the image of this game then I had difficulties in finding the name kf this game. But, now, i finally found it. Thank goodness! Ps. Can you please try to update this but still maintain the design of the games and such? Thank you

Nostalgic! I used to play this game on my moms iPad when I was a child and I was OBSESSED with how intricate and unique this game was. Today’s kids will never understand the pure joy of an app like this that stimulates the mind with relaxing music and sick visual graphics for such a simple game, it was TRULY ahead of its time. Probably my favorite app ever!!!

This was the first ever game I played on my parents first ever touch phone/smart phone. I was six years old and already enjoying this game. I remember playing it with my dad and brother who were also obsessed with this game (we were all playing on one phone). I just suddenly remembered it after all these years and decided to search it on google play store lmao glad its still available. This is awesome. Brings back memories.

Yes i can finally play this game after so many years! I was playing this when i was like 3-4 years old on samsung (i forgot the name but it was an old samsung) yeah very nostalgic me struggling to pass different levels.

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