Emily Road Trip – Discover what is truly important in life

[Game] Delicious Emily Road Trip

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Climb aboard for a nostalgic road trip with Emily and her family in the latest Delicious time management game!

Travel through the American heartland along Route 66 and discover what is truly important in life. Sometimes it’s not the destination, but the journey and those who make the journey with you.

In your new favorite time management game, Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip, Emily’s summer vacation plans have fallen through. Also, Patrick is struggling with his career as a florist. It’s time to get away from it all and take a trip to remember!

Patrick fixes up Emily’s van and the O’Malley girl s and boys pile into it to tour the “Mother Road”! Along the way they’ll meet friends, old and new, and help them all in true Emily style!

Are you game to master the challenges of being a chef, wife, mother AND vlogging celebrity? This is no simple cooking game. Use your time management skills while cooking all the delicious dishes and serving your customers their food in time. Do you have the passion and fever to dash around the kitchen, cooking up a storm? To survive the craze, you’ll need to be on top of your game.

Get cooking and work hard to upgrade your food and equipment. Plan girl time with Paige and play a game with the twins. Can you manage to have a relaxing break while you dash from place to place at a fever pace in our cooking game?

Face daily cooking game challenges to earn extra diamonds!
Decorate the camp site and make it a home away from home
Cruise through 60 story time management levels and 30 challenge time management levels
Experience the iconic Route 66 as it winds its way through 6 gorgeous locations
Collect and enjoy all the Route 66 photographs, featuring the highlights of the vacation
Make traditional American food, showcasing local specialties

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Emily Road Trip user reviews :

Requires payment after the 5th level. It gives you the option to watch a video to continue playing the game, but when you try to watch it says “internet connection error”. There’s nothing wrong with my network as I’m typing this review and streaming music on the very internet that it says I’m not connected to. But it does take you to a prompt to buy levels.

I used to love these games. It’s laggy and when touching items you need lags or she/he doesn’t pick up the order you touched, you get backed up forcing you to restart the game. Seems like it’s purposely designed that way so you watch more ads, buy their game or keep playing the same level repeatedly so they can get more money. I wouldn’t recommend.

The story is good so far, although I feel like there is less happening in each scene compared to the previous games. I also am having trouble enjoying the actual game part because it’s so easy even on expert level and there is so little variation in the product choices. There used to be like 3-4 unlockable choices for each product but now there is only one and its usually very easily unlockable so you’re using the same product most of the 10 levels. Please change that for future games!

  • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the game. You can find lots of our other games in our GameHouse Original Stories app – I hope you find a game you love! Kind regards, GameHouse

I’ve always loved the delicious games, but this one was a bit lackluster. Not only is the game very glitchy, but the challenges were repetitive and too easy. One challenge is impossible because the item required is not available yet, and even though I have collected all of the mice, it says I haven’t. The menu items were overall uninteresting except for the B-movie level. It just seems that some of the magic has gone from the game and quality control was severely lacking.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Could you please email us at ghos@gamehouse.com with more information (your device, the operating system, the bug, and the game) so that we can assist with the problem? Thank you for your help! Kind regards, GameHouse

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