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Employee Time Clock  Over 4 million shifts recorded and trusted by more than 5000 companies around the world.

Our intuitive mobile dashboard means you are no more than 1 tap away from:

Timesheet totals
Gross payroll totals
Time spent on individual jobs
Live locations of clocked-in staff
Tasks performed within each job
Any edit requests pending approval
All notes left by staff including images
Individual timesheets
Each employees running total

Accurate digital timesheets backed by location data

Staff simply clock in and out from their own device and the location data is sent to the cloud throughout their shift. These locations can be used to verify staff were on-site at the correct times and that they are beginning and ending their shifts from the appropriate locations.

Track employee hours at the shift, job and cost code level

Time data can be split not just by regular staff hours but on a job and cost code level too. This gives you the flexibility to see not only your gross payroll costs for the pay period but also what jobs those hours went into and what cost codes were worked on.

Geofence job-sites for effortless job costing

As your staff arrive on a job site, we automatically start allocating the time spent there to that particular job for effortless job cost reporting.

Generate detailed job and labor reports

With the tap of a button, receive detailed CSV files with both top-level summaries and low-level info including hours worked, job totals, notes and more. The files come tabulated and arranged so the relevant category of info can be drilled into for more details.

Automated daily job reports

Receive detailed reports including everything that happened on every job site your team worked on that day. These reports act as a permanent record that you can look back on as required and include everything from who was on-site to the weather records that day.

Schedule your workforce and reduce no-shows

SINC is specifically designed for remote field workers who do not necessarily work at the same site each day. Last-minute changes are sent directly to staff via push notifications. Shift reminders can be set ahead of time and published schedules can be seen from the mobile app.

Manage job tasks and punch lists

A job’s tasks are easily visible to staff and can be marked off with a simple tap. We record compliance info such as who marked the task complete or incomplete and when, and this is then visible to foremen and managers.
For common groups of tasks e.g site cleanup or pre-shift tasks, you can create templates to quickly apply these to multiple jobs.

Add shift and project notes

Everyone can add notes to shifts and individual jobs, including images and text. Notes become a permanent record of events that happen within your business and exported summaries and daily reports contain all relevant notes as well as links to any images.

Overtime calculations

Our robust overtime feature takes the headache out of accurate timesheet calculations. No matter how your company pays their staff overtime, we have you covered!

Communicate effectively with staff

Quickly and easily message anyone of your staff through the app or broadcast group messages to the whole team for quick and effective team communication without the need for third-party messenger apps.

Work offline with no signal

Our offline-first technology allows workers to continue to log critical data in areas with patchy or unavailable phone service.

Preloaded CSI MasterFormat™ cost codes

SINC contains a licensed searchable library you can apply to your cost coding. This makes applying industry best practices simple, fast and extremely powerful.

Support: Live in-app chat
Guides:  help.sinc.business/en/
Web-version of SINC:  users.sinc.business
Privacy:  sinc.business/legal/privacy/
Terms of Service:  sinc.business/legal/terms-of-service/

Employee Time Clock user reviews :

Great app. Even if crews are in rural areas, it will eventually update.

love the app just a few changes like when they send a picture in the app you can’t enlarge it to see it or save it for record purposes. Other little things, but it’s good.

I am enjoying this app, as is my team. Wish I was able to create the schedule on the mobile platform. I also wish you could have atleast 10 employees in the starter package instead of 7.

Great app. Don’t expect it to work on older phones. But does a great job. Thanks

So far the best I’ve used… Had one bad issue and they fixed it within a few hours..
  • SINC
  • Thanks a lot for the recommendation Richie, glad we managed to get it sorted for you!

Really helps keep track of employees time.

very good way to keep track of employees hours

I like your that I can clock in and clock out from my own phone very convenient

I had some issues with the app so I put a bad review. The company contacted me via email the same day then called me to discuss the issues on the following day. They listened to me and are working to update the app. I really appreciate the immediate response and in taking my requests seriously.
  • SINC
  • Hi Dustin, can you please contact support? The way you are getting hours sounds like not the way its intended to work. You use the generate pay period summary button, and it will send a detailed summary to your email. Regarding the delayed notification, it may be the employee drifted out of data coverage as its real time. Anyway we’re here to help

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