Endless War Origins – Start you civilization from the very beginning

[Game] Endless War Origins Changed to Kingdoms Glory

Endless War Origins  Welcome to the world of Endless War.

As a wise lord, you may start you civilization from the very beginning——Stone Age, and lead your people to Middle Age. Also, going through the origins and development of four civilizations, you should enjoy the communication and conflict of different cultures.

Construct stylistic buildings, train elite soldiers, summon historical heroes, forge powerful armors, and send your mighty army against enemies. Occupy the Supreme Throne and become the ruler of all kingdoms.

Cooperate with your allies, take cities and seize territory together. Fight for your faction and win generous rewards.

Join Endless War with your friends, start your own civilization and create a brilliant kingdom.

Endless War Origins user reviews :

I really enjoy the game. But since the last update everything is a bit messed up. Don’t get credit for extras you use that you paid for. Can’t see game progress. Have to clear out of game and get back in to see where you are.

I have enjoyed this game over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I have not been able to access the game since yesterday with absolute no notification or feedback from developers. It took loads to get my base to lvl17 and get into a brilliant alliance but this means nothing if I can’t access my account. I have emailed developers but no response (which sucks) and I won’t bother to waste time any further on this game.

I am a fan of strategy games. At the beginning, this kind of games were played on the web. This game is really excellent. The picture style is very real. The fight is very enjoyable. It’s great

Very fun and creative game. May be sometimes a pay to win but if your in a good alliance then you don’t have to worry about those players who spend hundreds of dollars. If not the only disadvantage for me is that i don’t get any notifications. No my phone is not on silent and i permitted the app to send me notifications. So if some one can help me with that i’ll gladly change my review to 5 stars and recommend it.

You run maintenance while wonder world War and kill event going on . Also cant buy packs .have had trouble with game for awhile. About to loose a spendimg customer . Yall have to read your emails and fix bugs and reschedule your maintenance. This is getting very old . You don’t compensate very well for getting castles zerod.

Was playing for a month and few days. Went to start the game and it said i had a lesser version and redo…well lost everything and will not let me download it. Pissed is a mild word for my feelings….my google play app has also disappeared from my screen. Realy enjoyed game up to that point…..

Overall it’s a nice game but…the BUG is still not resolved…its been 2days i cannot use my troops for farming because its stock in the tile. I want to go it back to my castle but it’s always says “CLIENT PARAMETER ERROR”. I really dont know what should i do, i did already reinstalled the game twice but nothing happened. I seek for assistance regarding this, please do something. Thanks! Also no one respond to my message in the FB page to assist me.

Good game. I really like it except for the fact I missed out on a orenge hero. The king arthur hero that everyone got during the 6 day event. I didn’t get the 5 hero shards, 10k ×10 hero XP and the march speeds. I only got 2k gold and 1 hero shard from the last chest and same with the others I didnt get all of the rewards out if all the chests. And so with that being said I missed out on a ton of rewards and had no was to message you guys about it.

this game it has potential from what I have played so far. Has great commanders and everything seem to be straight forward. Great game but it needs some work the communication system for alliance to send mail out to everyone sucks no one gets what you send out so please fix this it make it very hard to send out messages to your whole alliance when that isnt working right. One more thing if we could have a recommend button for the alliance donating to the alliance research

Great game,the only problem i can’t use shield during scouting other castle and can’t use shield until the troops returned,additional problem I encounter now when my enemies hit my troops inside the campsite my troops can’t dead but my march can’t back in normal I’m already 3 legion or marching troops but now I sent only one legion the legion still in campsite can’t retreat please fix this problem.

Latest Update :

1, Relic feature has been revamped and named Civilizaion Temple now.
2, Added more levels into Path of Expedition and Conquest Mode.
3, Adjust Hero feature, include Hero Evolve and Hero Skill.
4, Ui improvement.
5, Minor bug fixed.

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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