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[Game] Ensemble Stars Music

Ensemble Stars MusicSuper Real 3D LIVE, Closer to the Stage

Switch on the 3D LIVE mode, enjoy the melodious music, and see the stylish MV performances unfold before your eyes. Four difficulty levels from Easy to Expert for Live Stages are available. The Live experience remains the same on all difficulty levels, so please enjoy the fabulous beats on whatever level you like!

You are free to set any idol as a Center for performance and change outfits for your idols. Center idols give mesmerizing Special Performances (SPP)!

Heart-Warming Bonds, Bitter-Sweet Story
Ensemble Stars!! Music is mainly written by AKIRA, the renowned Japanese light novelist, and it continues the story of Ensemble Stars! Basic. Young idols set out on their journey into the world and begin to explore the entertainment industry. Excitement, hesitation, joy, and tears await on their way toward a bright future. Every day, something new in Ensemble Square pulls at your heartstrings.

Top Voice Cast, A Feast for the Ears
Hikaru Midorikawa, Yuki Kaji, Tetsuya Kakihara, Showtaro Morikubo, Tomoaki Maeno… 40+ First-class voice actors are featured. This is an immersive feast for the ears you should never miss!

Exclusive Office, Design Your Own Idol Zone
Pick your favorite furniture, ornaments, and themed suites to create your own dreamy little idol zone. Find your idols’ adorable reactions to special furniture! They may enjoy shaved ice on the beach, or sleep soundly with fluffy sleep masks on… discover more delicate, lovely reactions by yourself!

Multilingual Stories, Brand New Experience
Multilingual stories are available in the official English version of Ensemble Stars!! Music for a richer game experience. You can choose to read the stories in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Korean.

Ensemble Stars Music user reviews :

The music is great. The art is nice. The idols are…a lot and they’re growing on me. My main focus is to get points, full combo, and just have fun. The game allows you to do that as a f2p. BUT the game freezes mid-song ALOT which ruins my experience. Especially when I spend BP on it. It made me miss 2-3 secs worth of notes. At worst, it freezes to the point i have to force close it. I don’t even play the 3d version since i didn’t want to download the extra files and it still freezes alot.

This game is so cool!!! I love how there’s so many different genres of music to play a beat map to and how it’s not a linear note tap but a circular which is better in my opinion. All the characters are a blast to learn more and more about!! I will say that while playing the stories, whether it be event or main story line, the auto play really sucks and it’s a lot better to just press when you’re done listening or reading the line.

I am absolutely terrible at rhythm games, so admittedly, I picked this game up for its attractive art style and because I like to collect things. Pleasantly, you get all the characters to work with from the get-go, but you do need to dabble in the gacha part to optimize getting stronger cards. Interesting story and characters, translations need touch-ups, no real P2W content, and offers side-content. Although there is a tutorial, there is still a bit of a learning curve. Overall, enjoyable.

  • Dear producer, Thank you for your support, please enjoy the game

this game is very pretty, both in its 2d cards and its 3d live animations. the songs are all original and relate to each unit giving a very unique experience. as someone who plays a lot of rhythm games, it’s a bit on the easy side, though the more recent songs have been more challenging. i deffo recommend to anyone who likes rhythm or otome games!

I first downloaded this game because I really enjoy rhythm game but i was pleasantly surprised!! It’s simple but very fun, has 41 characters for you to get invested in, and the music is great!! I love this game more than words can describe and I can’t stop recommending it to my friends <33 Issues though: the game is VERY hard to run on weaker devices, luckily you can just play in 2D mode! And the prices on some things (like MV outfits) are WAY too high and are unfairly priced in my opinion.

It’s a fun rhythm game. I like the design, especially how the character looks. The story is pretty interesting. 1 disappointment is the ads of the game. Using English songs yet there isn’t a single English songs I came across in game. It’s not that I dislike Japanese music. Either fix your ads or add some English songs (like covers or remix) in game.

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