Escape Corporation – Can you find a way to escape from the rooms

[Game] Escape Corporation

Escape Corporation   Can you solve the puzzles?

Can you find the key? Can you find a way to escape from the rooms?

Get ready to play Escape Corporation!

Do you love playing room escape game?
If you do, you should try this challenging room escape game!

Escape Corporation provides rooms for everyone who loves room escape game to test their code breaking skill.
Each room provided by Escape Corporation brings its own unique theme, such as Warehouse, Mirror Room, Ruins, and many more.
Escape a room and you’ll gain access to the next room, 12 free rooms available at the moment.
Find useful items and use them to help you escape from the rooms!
Solve the challenging and brain teasing puzzles!

Why you should try Escape Corporation?

Feel the different atmosphere in different room.
Each room has its unique theme and differs from another room.

Enjoy the relaxing and lovely graphics while you’re looking for a way to escape from the room.

Each puzzle is unique and become more challenging throughout the rooms.
Each room has its unique puzzles and tricky way to solve them.

Download and try ESCAPE CORPORATION now for free!

Escape Corporation user reviews :

this game has great potential. it is a little glitchy…but keep at it and you will successfully conquer each room. Check out their other escape games..MUCH BETTER!

Fun puzzles – some a bit more challenging than others but still a relaxing workout

Very hard the ads for the hints dont work and the puzzles are confusing

Ill admit, was skeptical from reviews but its actually a Very clever escape game, not easy but once you get it, feels like ya shouldve known all along. Hints work fine just have to wait for whole ad to see it but dont turn page too far or it’ll give the answer. Mirror room IS hard but doable, in fact the only room I had trouble with and didnt like was the classroom, lots of math, which is okay but confusing to put it all together, even with hint. Cool places and fun puzzles, would love a sequel!

I changed my rating from one to five stars all because I was stuck in the Mirror Room and I thought it was broken. Well I reinstalled and tried again to pass the level cause I really like this game and I finally passed it. I was doing something wrong the whole time. It’s just so tricky you have to pay close attention to everything. It’s all logical. Just requires patience and obvservation… and brain cells. I don’t like too easy games so this is just the right amount of difficulty. Thanks

Surprisingly tricky! Requires you to think more than a lot of similar games, but all solutions are logical. A nice change. Manipulation of objects is a bit of a clunky interface but you get used to it. This is a developer I’d follow.

I completely agree with Aidan. The only minor issue I had was sometimes having to click above the object, instead of on the object, to select it. I enjoyed the game enough to wish it were longer. I hope they come out with more.

Excellent room designs with logical clues. Very refreshing to play…not a typical room escape. Wish there were more levels. Thumbs up to developers. It is so nice to find something different in GP.

Pretty cool game, but definitely challenging. Looks easy, but not so much. Very well done!

Fun levels, good variety, enjoyable game

Enjoyed this game. Also the fact hints/solutions were available.

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