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[Game] Escape Masters

Escape Masters  The escape adventures have never been so fun!

Get out of unexpected, fun and challenging traps! Dig the right way out and enjoy your freedom. Show everyone, that you can’t be held within bars!

Escape Masters user reviews :

Only a person who enjoys commercials would like this game. I’m not sure the ratio of commercials to actual play time, but it’s pretty close to 1:1, which by any comparison is way too high. The game itself, lacks anything of interest. It may get better as you progress, but I’ll never know since the amount of time I had to spend watching commercials was totally unacceptable. Uninstalled

One…big…ad! 5 seconds of play, add pops up, click reward button, ad pops up, box shows up, click on box, yup, you got it, anther ad!! I understand ads, but thirty seconds of playing, and two minutes of ads, is ridiculous! Uninstalling, and moving on…

So, ads honestly don’t usually bother me.. I don’t mind having to watch a quick 10 second ad in between levels. What bothers me is the fact that the levels are SO SHORT. You finish a level in about 5 seconds, then you watch 10-30 seconds of ads. Every single time. I ended up uninstalling the game after about 15 minutes of playing it. If you’re going to force so many ads on us, you could at least make the levels longer / more challenging.

The game is great but there are so many adds you can’t play more than 30 seconds before a 60 second add comes on. Way to overboard. I like the game and may buy it but the add timing is really making me upset.

The game is good too play but, to many ads. Ads after each level. More ads than gaming. If the ads are cut in half and at least, then it would be good to play again.

Ok game to kill time. Too much advertisements. Every board you clear, advertisement. Let alone the advertisements are longer than your game play. It takes the fun and interest out of it fast.

How many ads can you add to one game? Honestly?! You’re just raking in money. Open the game, complete the first level, AD because you have to build the mansion. Looks like you can select any, BOOM AD. Continue, finish second level, AD. Not worth 5 seconds of game play for 30 seconds of ads each level. Every other level, maybe, every single level every chance you get, no thanks

The game is boring. All the levels are almost the same. You’re collecting gold but there’s no way to spend it. You’re building a base but there’s no use of it. The idea is nice but implementation is very bad. Almost forgot about ads. They’re everywhere after level, before level, when you want to double a reward, when you press skip during that step. So no matter what you press you’ll get an ads.

Played this game for months & at 19.35hrs 29.01.2022 hit lvl 1001 so decided to make a review but am I missing something here yes there are ads but if you turn WiFi off you don’t get them  or is that too simple ?????? I have nearly all of the cars & all of the men and have built the full island, thats how far I am in playing this game but again, is it too hard to work out that WiFi can be turned off

I kind of like the game, and I would have liked the game more if it weren’t for the constant lagging and glitching. This is so annoying that I just straight up uninstalled it. Y’all should probably fix immediately.

Way too many Ads. in between short games, to build something comes another ad. You watch more ads than playing game.

For the first few levels, because it’s new, it’s interesting as you try to figure out the objectives. Building a beach house and adding to its entertainment (pool, BBQ, dog, cat, etc.) is actually the fun part of the game. But doing the escapes gets boring quickly. I admit I didn’t go very far in the game because I found it monotonous, not challenging, but I think the idea has merit. I think if it had more daring escapes and maybe a story or some drama behind it, it could be better.

This app is really cool! I like the noise when you dig the dirt. I also really like the aspect of building a mansion! the only thing i would say to upgrade, is special levels that you get to after say three normal levels. I was thinking maybe where you have to escape from the guards? And police? Just a suggestion tho! Have a good day to all who are reading this!

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