Eternal Ember – The devils hell have reached their claws into our world

[Game] Eternal Ember

Eternal EmberPlease note that this is NOT an offline game.

Background Story

God left us.

The devils from the hell have reached their claws into our world, and the enemy in the void is also staring at us with hostility. In this vital time, we need to save the world more than any time, but God is still silent. So, we can only pick up our weapons and fight for your own survival. Adventurers, except for you, who else can stand up, fight with us against the devils?
Eternal Ember is a diablo-style team idle RPG. You need to build an adventure team to explore the vast continent, engage in exciting battles and get the loots.

Game Features

Category of Monsters

From the basic goblins, skeletons, to the giant golems, hell devils, a wide variety of monsters are waiting for your challenges.
The various categories of monsters’ skills require you to constantly adjust your strategy in the battle. In addition, there are 9 main storyline bosses and more elites, and you must be more careful when fighting with them.

Various Classes

There are heroes of various classes in the game.
Currently, there are 8 classes available: Crusader, Ranger, Priest, Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Sorcerer and Necro Knight. Each hero can also unlock exclusive ultimate skills, talent trees etc., completely change hero function and strategy, and create more genre of tactical play.

Idle Strategy for Your Squad

In most cases, you need to send four heroes to fight at the same time, so you not only need to consider the hero classes, the potions you carry, but also how to arrange the positioning of heroes in the map, to lead the battle toward the direction of your planning.
After doing a good pre-plan, you just need to relax, watch the heroes to automatically fight with monsters in different maps. Yes, this game doesn’t need you to do too much operation during the battle, give everything to the heroes!

Customized Build

If you like to grind, the game is full of loots. Over 100 kinds of weapons and gears are waiting for you.
Gears are the important part of the game. The loots in the game is also mainly based on the gears. After all, nobody can resist the joyful sound when looting the legendary gear after killing the monster.
The game provides great freedom to those who like to pursue the ultimate gear sets. In the blacksmith, you can create your own exclusive gears, from multiple dimensions to improve the properties of gears, make it better to fit your game style.

Vast Continent

The continents in the game are divided into 9 major plates.
Each plate has completely different terrain and various fierce monsters. And there are multiple special map nodes in the game, whether you want to test your own limit or with NPC to resist fierce enemies, you can get a completely different combat experience. The whole world is waiting for you to challenge.

Explore the Rift

There is a very mysterious field in the game – the Shadow Realm. Among them, there are very powerful and unique shadow monsters. Can you overcome them, get cherished treasures?


Eternal Ember is a free world and hope you can like it as much as we do.
Good luck and loot well.

Eternal Ember user reviews :

wonderful game and great concept, the only small things that isnt too bad but kinda a tiny sucky is there should be more heroes to choose or obtain through out the game plus there should be more attack moves and attacks skills that can be replaced and obtained as you progress having a variety of attacks and skills increases the excitement of the game and keeps the player looking forward too those kinda add ons, which benefits both player and makers tremendously. good game hope theres updates.

Starts strong. Around day 3, idle progression for EXP to level heroes is barely possible without paying 9.99 usd to unlock the ability to grind for exp while idle. This makes it so you have to keep the app open while your heroes fight for hours. I will check back in future updates to see if they change the exp wall mechanics.

  • Hi thank you for sharing your experience. I’ll pass your suggestions to related team for considering. Eternal Ember is growing and more contents are upcoming. If there is any suggestion, please do not hesitate to let us know. Welcome to Official Discord Community to chat with others: and stay tuned.

I agree with the others, very good gamplay overall. No bugs or kinks i see so far. Music and graphics are good. Just lacks the hero variety.

Pretty darn fun, hard good gain is minimal, live that. More gameplay options with using all chats would be cool. Maybe add more characters.

Latest Update :

Allowed Epic gear upgrades to Legendary gear.
Reduced the cost of Gold and Arcane Dust for enchantments.
The attribute improvement of Refinement Stone has been adjusted to 1~5 points.
After activating the Nonstop Privilege, there is no longer a cooldown for switching the World Difficulty.
Added a new event: “Halloween Celebration”.
Adjustments for Special Power: “Shield” now absorbs 40% less damage, “Shuriken” now deals 20% less damage.
Bug fixes.

Contact developer :


Video :

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