Evil Nun 2 – From all the scary stories

[Game] Evil Nun 2 – Stealth Scary Escape

Evil Nun 2  Evil Nun is back, but this time get ready for a different level of horror in the Nun games school!

We already know you are a lover of Keplerians horror games, so stop waiting right now and start playing one of the best horror games you will ever play in your life. If you ever wanted to enjoy a big Evil Nun update, this will now be your new favourite horror game for sure.

You are a big fan of horror games 3D, haunted house games, adventure escape games and all types of horror games, but what you have been really waiting for is to play again the Nun game. From all the scary stories you have heard and all of the terror games you have played, this scary granny’s one is by far the worst, and we know you love it!

That’s why we are bringing Evil Nun back in one of the best scary escape games we have ever made! Here, you will face dangers with the same level of threat as a serial killer, like Mr. Meat, or even the scary ice cream man from Ice Scream, Rod. Say “Hello neighbor!” again to one of your most beloved horror characters.

From all the free scary games, Evil Nun 2 is the one that will give you the most nightmares, more than any horror stories. If you want horror games for kids, this is definitely not your game, because our game will surely jumpscare you while feeling the anxiety of a horror escape room.

Evil Nun part number 2 will be for sure an amazing terror experience, but it will also offer you to know about the dark past of Sister Madeline the scary granny that stars our creepy games saga. Be ready to survive the different thriller scary stories you will be trapped in while trying to beat the Nun game.

As in all of our scary escape games, you will have to use all things in your hands to escape, not like in scary games for kids:

Be careful not to make any noise! Like in Ice Scream, Madeline and her monsters will hear you for sure.
Explore all secret places in the nun horror game school, much bigger and with more rooms than you think.
Hide like your favourite horror stories characters, it’s the key to survival!
Make sure you craft weapons to fight back in a nun horror game shooting, this is one of the worst evil games you will play!
Monsters will make the school almost a haunted house, so run whenever you see one of them. Remember this an adventure
Solve all the puzzles that you won’t find in other creepy games.

But more important than anything, enjoy your adventure escape! Evil Nun part number 2 is made by horror games for free lovers, just like you. We are in love with our games and we really enjoy giving players awesome experiences that can be shared with everybody.

Make sure you download this free horror game and enjoy it as much as we do! And don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments!

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Evil Nun 2 user reviews :

I love the game! It’s so good maked and u have many puzzles to do! But the thing is that the chickens/mutants are making the game more harder even tho it is on easy, i give 5 stars because its a very interesting game but it is a little difficult with the new chickens and the only 3 days..but i like it!

Great game and story, puzzles are good little trick thoe but its part of the fun. But one big problem, on ghost mode I use to learn to solve the puzzles. When a ad pops up I might miss the x botten on the ad witch brings me to the appstore. When I leave the appstore all my progress on ghost mode is gone. Im not sure it was my device or not but it should be fix.

this game is fun but it’s a bit hard to find all the pieces we need to escape the last time I did t find anything and there’s one problem the nun is laggy when I go to the second floor I don’t find any of them and it looks like there is no one in the school

Superb game I would like to give one quary and that is they should add more two ways two escape and another weapon like shotgun, stun gun, revolver or plasma gun. Apart this game is wonderful

This was a great game and evil nun and graphics are amazing.but when I seeing the review I have seen that most of the review are about ghost mode am will suggest you that if you are playing this game in ghost mode make sure your all internet connection s are off in this case although it will shown that the ad will show in 5 seconds the will not appear between the game

This game is excellent but one problem it is much easier as compared to evil nun part 1 because here nun and all her pets are permanently dead if we prepare the poision egg so plz change this system else this this game will be crossed by anyone and one request to keplarians team plz make one more part of this game I liked it a lot and is very interesting and mysterious

This game is mind blowing all those puzzles are very good but 2 problem .The ads they comes whenever I’m in busy solving a puzzle.2.The sister enda is eating time is about to ruin my interest. sister enda eats very long .I need to quit the game before finishing it ,plz fix it .

Its a really good game but when ever I’m in ghost mode, an ad pops up like every 10 seconds and really annoying cause the ads go for 30 seconds… if you can, please don’t put that many ads.

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