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Expense ManagerManage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances.

This app allows you to record your expenses easily. Optionally you can assign a category to your expense in order to get detailed statistics and helpful insights.

Simple Design
Record expenses
Assign categories
Manage monthly overheads
Manage categories
Set a monthly limit
Homescreen widget for even faster usage
DashClock Integration
Expense History
Spreadsheet Export
Group your expenses by week, month or year
Backup/Restore Feature
Record incomes (In-App purchase)
Detailed Stats (In-App purchase)
Expense Distribution (In-App purchase)

Network Communication:
Send feedback to the developer inside the app.
Error reports

For CSV export

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Expense Manager user reviews :

I’ve been using this app for the past 3 years. This app used to be excellent, however the last update has changed the way you visualize the distribution/statistics. The previous versions were much better. The new data visualization layout does not show the distribution in a clean statistical way. Using circular sectors to show data is one of the “no go” graphs in the data visualisation literature.

I use this app since 2014. Has only basic reporting and analysis capabilities, but is so simple that I love it. You have categories, can set budget on them and track income and expenses. Has a calculator when adding expenses/income. UI is clear and simple. You can export data to Excel sheets, so you can create reports with that (which is very powerful). (I paid for income management, but the price was surely worth it).

Easy and Simple to use. I upgraded to the paid version. In the Statistics, there should be an option to have the average expense for a specific number of days rather than the whole history. There are months when I didn’t used the app so the overall figure for average becomes inaccurate. Also the Piechart distribution is inaccurate when there are a lot of categories and data. Please fix the issues.

Great app for minimalist tracking. I especially like the custom labels you can give to each entry. Small UI gripe: When entering a new expense, the delete button is all the way at the top while the number keyboard is at the bottom. Makes is hard to use the app with one hand only.

It’s a great app! Have been using it for 8 years. I like that it doesn’t have account balances, as I only track certain types of expenses and therefore my bank account balances would never match. Actually it would be nice to have a way to exclude some expenses from statistics (e.g. capex). I wish there were an iOS version – I would like to switch to iOS but can’t find an equivalent app that has a CSV import.

I’m trying the free version. I searched a long time till I found this rapid expense entry and nice U I. Nice app once you get the basics set up. Does not carry over balance month to month. Not able to add subcategories. Would be beneficial for the developers to add a biweekly reoccurring expense/income.

Love it! I’m using it for my business to keep track of cost of goods & inventory. You can rename all the categories, color code, enter notes etc. It adds everthing up for the year. I had an amazing app for my business, did everything for me automatically but it went out of business. QB & FB wont cut it too complicated. I found an app that syncs my sales, fees & expenses for the marketplaces I sell in automatically & its costly. I needed a low cost app just to tally & track COG This perfect! TY

Nice app and very helpful!. Hard to see what happened 2 months ago.. More data for Grand Totals will be helpful. Statistics graphs are a bit misleading.. Edit: After 4 years of using this app I decided to stop because I wasn’t able to migrate my data to the new smartphone. The option is available but it’s not working.

Simplicity and effectiveness is what makes this app great. I have tried many other expense managers, and the ease of use makes this so much quicker to record expenses immediately, and that makes it more effective than other apps. The analysis and budget setting methods are also simple and effective. If you need more analysis you can easily export the data to another tool.

This is a wonderful app. I read the new reviews and was skeptical about the new update but they were wrong. The app has budgeting, start the month on any day, check your income to your expenses and more. I’m going to play with it for another week then upgrade to premium. Slick and clean app. I hate the rest, too much going on in the interface but yours is gold.

I have buyed premium version its a Good app to record your expense categorically but when my phone is lost i didnt restore my data. Its doesnt in my mail or when i logged in i am unable to retreive my data. Whole my data got lost. Its very small sized but very significant data. should work on it. I am highly disappointed with this.

Awesome app.. i m using this app since 1 year. Now i changed my mobile and 8 got my app backup just in 1 second wow amazing. Old phone Go to settings. Backup / restore your data. Create manual backup and send it as whatsapp. New phone . Install app just open once. Then close it. Open the .null file you got as backup and it will automatically move to your expense mnager and click on restore. Enjoy

It has a minimal/ clean design but the calculator to input expenses does not have a precise response and you cannot input the cursor in a specific digit you may want. The one thing I am missing (but maybe it is in payed version) is the prompt to input a pin when you open the app.

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