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[Game] Extreme Escape

Extreme Escape  HFG & ENA presents the Extreme Escapes of 3 three games of adventure with 60 levels of highly challenging point and click type must liking escape game for all the brain challenge game lovers.

The First game is Evil Fiesta, where a lady with her child went to a carnival at the weekend. During their return, the door closed and remaining remains the mystery. Now, it is your mission to save the lady and the child by rescuing them and proving, impossible can be possible. Use your imagination and analytics by the brain to solve surreal tricks, riddles, and puzzles. If you really think that your escaping skills are good enough, just download this scary adventure game, that let your dreams for escape. These games guarantee full excitement.

The Second game is The coffer box, which was obtained by a fisherman, through which he got a clue to find a treasure. The entire gameplay will be of finding the treasure by crossing several hurdles and your brilliance will be recognized at the end of this game. These are the best escape games, collectively given to make you jolly. Especially the room escapes are extremely marvelous and the puzzles are really the brain-teasers. You may find many keys for a single instance, but the use of the right key for the correct locks helps you to escape, else results in unlock.

The third game is the true Criminal, which is about finding the true criminal behind a revenge story, of why John wants to kill the entire family members of Patrick. Each and every small event in this game are relevant to the previous history of the story. These free escape games let you move to the edge of the seat in escaping from the person who needs to take revenge. Only if you have the guts to escape, you can be free from this pathetic situation. All you need to find, collect, combine and use the objects and then solve the puzzles to ensure your escape. These new escape games are the convincing and not the compromising games.


30 Hours of Continuous Gameplay
Highly addictive game for all ages and Genders
Challenges your talent in escapes
Riddling puzzles & Excellent Game scenes
Different Missions in 60 levels
Extreme escapes from various environments
Easy and Fun to play.
Real Challenge for a Master

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Extreme Escape user reviews :

The first set of puzzles were great. The second set was ok and a lot of puzzles had bugs or just didn’t work. Fortunately you usually have enough coins to skip the broken ones. The last set just sucks. I stopped playing after level 3. All you do is collect items then drop them on some random bars after the lab analyzes them. That and a horrible rape stoy doesn’t help add to the lack of any real puzzles.
  • HFG Entertainments
  • We always aim to deliver a great experience, and we regret it when we don’t meet expectations. At level 3, after collecting all the evidence, drag the objects into the loader. If you drag the correct objects into the loader, the loader bar will be increased to find the suspect.
Level 14 of evil fiesta wont let me win final puzzle on top of tent. I’ve bought the hints, put the pointers in every possible way. Please give me instructions that a 5 year old would understand. Also, I am still waiting on answer for the 3 x 3 dot puzzle in level 4 of coffee box. I have exhausted all hints & possibilities on that level too. Thank you & I am only asking because I do love this game & want to continue.
  • HFG Entertainments
  • We regret the inconvenience. At level 14, collect the ladder and eye, then drag the ladder on the tent to reach the top. At level 4 After seeing the clue, you have to press the button in the given direction to unlock it. For example, using remember the phone patten. using the code 1,4,7,8,9,6,3,5,8.
So far so good… no glitches like the reviews suggest but I haven’t been playing long. If that happens I’ll revisit my review
  • HFG Entertainments
  • Thank you for your attention to the game. Kindly let us know if you have any queries regarding the game. Do continue playing and supporting us.
Iam on level 10 and on the very last idem to finish the level and it won’t let me do anything. I cant even use the hint. I think the game is stuck
  • HFG Entertainments
  • Sorry for the inconvenience that happened to you in this game. We have noticed your issue and now it has been solved. Kindly reload this level and play from the beginning your issue will be solved. We’ll continue working on improving our game and making it even more fun to play.

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