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FaceTrixFaceTrix is a small yet effective AI-powered face editor app.

Stunning selfie maker, age changer, gender swap, and so forth. Our AI makes everything easier when it comes to editing faces. With just one click, you can have a high-quality selfie with natural beauty. One-tap gender swap enables you to see what you would look like if you were of the opposite sex! Try our aging filter. Use an excellent AI model to see the younger or older version of you. More face filters and editing features are waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

Gender Swap
FaceTrix provides an awesome gender changer filter. It’s fun to see how you turn into a tough guy or a beautiful goddess! What discoveries will you make when you see yourself as a different gender? Will you look like your husband or wife, brothers or sisters when you change your gender with gender swap filter? Check it out with FaceTrix’s gender swap filter.

Aging Time Machine
What will you look like when you’re old? One tap on the screen to see how you, your friends, and your relatives are getting older. It is undoubtedly a longing romance for old friends and lovers to grow old together. Now you can see in advance how you and the people you care about look like when you get old with just one click. Press the button on the time machine and explore your future looks with our popular AI old filter.
Getting old is not only the passing of life but also the accumulation of wisdom and experience. What insights will you gain when you see yourself getting old? Find out with our aging time machine.

Cartoon Filter
Cartoon yourself utilizing our well-trained AI! With only one tap, you can enjoy abundant cartoon filters, e.g., 3D Cartoon filter, K-pop filter, Renaissance style, etc., and different backgrounds for your cartoon selfie. FaceTrix app is an amazing cartoon photo editor app. Make your unique cartoon selfie with our cartoon filter!

Amazing Beautification Tool
FaceTrix has a customized one-click beauty tool based on deep learning. Obtain your gorgeous selfie in one tap. It’s time to wow your friends and followers with your Hollywood look or natural beauty.
There are abundant and personalized fine-tuning features to try. Never be the same.
Smooth skin & wrinkles
Remove acne and blemishes
Even the tone of the skin
Improve skin texture
Whiten your teeth
Make your eyes sparkle
Remove eye bags
Enjoy matte & highlight effects

Young Filter
The young filter makes you much younger and more beautiful. You can experience the fun of returning to childhood with just one click. With FaceTrix you can get younger as much as you want. Back to 18 anytime and get rid of your wrinkles, bring back the smooth skin as well as your youth. Try this young filter on your parents for impressive results!

Small but Powerful
We are committed to creating a face editing app with easy-to-use features. Use AI to save you from complicated steps, just to bring you a more convenient experience.
We will continue to optimize our app to improve user experience and create more practical and funny face editing features.

If you need our help with any questions, please send us an email at risingcabbage@163.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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FaceTrix user reviews :

I have only started to use this app, free version So far it’s enjoyable and a bit of fun

Almost nice this app but cannot change colour hair like face app

It’s nice. The issue I have with this app is how it zooms in and rotates/straightens the picture. We couldn’t use the full resolution or at least the original aspect ratio of the image. But since FaceApp went downhill, this would definitely be an alternative. Stay away from excessive paywalling.

It does what it says. the horizontal scroll to pick a color is stupid long, it should be a different kinf of menu to make it easier to find the right selection. It also crashed once but overall it’s cool.

Wow no ads, actually works and completely free!!!? This is definitely the top pick from the options available, all the other ones suck but this one is great

I’ve just been using this app for about 5 minutes and I’m already loving it. Good work developer/developers. I laughed when I saw my cartooned image with another filter added to it…I believe it was something to do with Hollywood.

9/10. It just needs the morphing & faceswapping then it will be perfect, until that’s a thing tho I think I’ll save myself the storage space.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We have collected your advice and will consider adding the new features. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us at risingcabbage[at]163.com.

Only tried the aging/younger filter so far. Straightforward and easy to use and share my ugly mug!

The ten years old regression is very strange to say the least. Not good. The young regression is quite good though

The filters are absolutely horrendous and can only be used if your light is perfect and you want to laugh with friends. Other than that it looks so fake I could draw a smiley face over mine and it would look more believable

  • Hello! We totally understand your disappointment. However, this issue is not a common occurrence. We would be grateful if you could send screenshots that might illustrate the issue to our support team at risingcabbage[at]163.com. We shall do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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