Fairyland – A unique collection of merge fables

[Game] Fairyland – Merge & Magic

Fairyland Welcome to the merge island full of the most amazing pieces that you will ever merge!

It looks nothing like your ordinary fairytales but is a unique collection of merge fables spiced up with true merge magic.

This endless world of wonder merge is full of possibilities. The sky is your limit!

Always dreamed about having a dragon? You can merge dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, or other fantastic beasts! It’s your merge world and your rules. Make your dragon merge now and have fun with your dragon farm!

Love playing collecting games or merging games? Use your mergefield to create your merge county, merge kingdom or even a merge universe and fill it with an infinite number of gorgeous buildings and creatures.

What merger is it going to be next?

Key Features:

Familiar characters in new and exciting circumstances.
Intriguing plot with an amazing main story and thrilling side quests.
Countless new lands to reveal and discoveries to make.
Fantastic merge puzzle quests to complete and rewards to collect.

Wonder what it’s like to have such a mergical experience? Stop questioning yourself and jump right into this fantastic merge game full of merge tales. If you love free merge games and discoveries, then Once upon a merge is a perfect fit for you!

Fairyland user reviews :

It’s a great game. But like the bottom half of the screen cuts off. Why won’t it fit? I do have a galaxy fold. But on both the large screen and the normal screen, most the bottom screen is not accessible. It should be fit to all screens. I can’t do the wish thing at all. And to open chests it shows the open button barely on the screen.

Full on & FUN! Staying organized is essential. I store items in PAIRS to avoid accidentally merging when I don’t want to. Also, grouping related items & having designated zones where you place them is helpful. Try to keep the shelf clear so incoming fireflies are dropping their loads in the one place & not randomly all over the place, lol. Have fun & enjoy!

Well, the graphics is really amazing. The game is also easy to understand. The cons are while waiting to refresh our energy, we cannot do anything and it will make us bored. And 24 hours waiting is killing the enjoyment. If you can lesser the waiting time and add optional activities for refilling energy this game would be great.

Great game! Graphics good, game play is quick and rewards are good enough to play without spending any money. Clever Apps games are always a favorite.

Like the game BUT was surprised that it’s ONLY one level. Very easy to play and something to do at all times.

Nice game but it’s a money buy game..you only get 50 energy every 4 hrs..you have to buy energy to play,or log in every 4 hrs to build enough energy to play!!! Great game,but I can’t afford to play this game!!

Alot of fun. Doesn’t suck up to much battery power. I love the fairy theme.

love it,play on Facebook also and now I have app can watch ads for energy and ruby’s.

This game is so good but we want to wait much time to unlock gifts and we dont get money to niya thing

I’m enjoying the game but it is too sensitive to unintended merges.

So far is a good merger game. it gives options and more time to get points.

I love the game but it keeps blinking when I play it. Please fix this.

this is a fun game to play and it passed time when I play it

I like playing merge games, but there two things I dislike about this game. There a timer on each treasure I gain, therefore I need to wait a long time to unlock. Secondly, there less options to buy energy because there are specific levels to buy a certain amount of energy.

love the game it is fun need more merge games I like them all thank you

very relaxing I have high blood pressure and this game seems to calm me down but be careful it’ll be night before you know it lol…Very Enjoyable

might be a little same as others but this is the mother load of mothers

live this game so far but just started playing we will so how it goes

I love the game but the diamond should be increased

I’ve just started this game and I absolutely love it! I play 2 other merge games and this is definitely one of the best! Keep up the good stuff devs!

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