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[Game] Fan of Guns

Fan of Guns  Play for free with your friends a first-person pixel online shooter.

A large number of maps, skins and weapons! Shoot from the tank, AWP, Kalash, multi-barrel, shotgun and other weapons.

Dynamic shooter in the popular action games style
Over 40 types of modern weapons. Choose your tactics for battle: shotguns, machine
guns or snipers or any other favorite weapon
Create your clan and enjoy a team pvp game for up to 10 people in various locations
Rise in the ranking and play with more experienced opponents
Colorful weapon skins
Trades. Share skins with other players
Intuitive controls, great optimization on weak devices
12 combat modes

Basic game modes:

Team fight
Zombie survival
Arms race
Hide and Seek
Full random
Capture points
With a bomb
Hand-to-hand combat

Addictive gameplay

Fan of Guns is a multiplayer online shooter game with dynamic team gameplay.

Bright pixel 3D graphics that don’t require excessive performance from your device are combined with simple and intuitive controls. That, of course, is suitable for fans of the FPS genre shooter.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Fan of Guns user reviews :

The game byfar is really good, graphics spot on the only thing I want you to fix is the language. I’m having a lot of problems with the language I choose English but most of the text is still in russian. and whenever I redeem a coupon it says mistake sometimes without a reason and sometimes with a reason but in Russian. It gets pretty annoying since I have not learned much Russian yet so I don’t know many words and sentences in Russian.

One of the best games that kinda have CS:GO vibes on it. Only some problems like the fact that the language is not even fully English even in the English version. Please fix this. Secondly, you guys should open back the chat option while in game. It helps players to communicate with other player you know. Please, please, please, make it all English in the English version of the game and dont mix it with Russian.

Its awesome. You can play with your friends and can make new one also. I have made many friends and opened many guns also. Its value of spending 100+ mb for this awesome game. You should also try it.

The game is great and a lot of fun, but it has ads, it already has an in-app sales system, so there should be no ads, the controls are great, but you should have the option to change the size of the buttons individually and be able to change the Full HUD, I, for example, use a 3-finger HUD, and in this game I can’t, since the shoot button focuses on the health bar, it could also have a weapon button to change and reload without any others buttons.

This is a great game, may not be on par with other fps games in terms of graphics, but the combat is very resemblant to counter strike which made this game way better that other fps(with nice graphics). I suggest maybe make the controls more customizable like can change button size individually. Additional variety of grenades, like smoke or flash. Also add more variety of female avatar and costumes(cat ears ehem). Add extra price for mvp. Also add some voice overs for double kill, triple etc.

This is by far one of my favorite games to play in my free time with my friends. There may be a few issues for new players as sometimes the wordings in the menu or game would appear as, to what I think is Russian. And the controls, and the amount of money gain from average matches. Other than that, I have yet to think of any new good ideas that could be implimented to the game. Thank you.

This is game is awesome, great weapon skins, character customization, and maps, but i have a few suggestions that feel would help alot 1. team deathmatch needs spawn flipping (the enemy will just spawn kill 2. Auto assign teams when joining 3. Directional button control option 4. Votekick/Report system 5. Money for Winning team (some for losing) Love this game, but it can become a mess with spawn killing and people being able to select teams, hopefully you can at least add spawn flip

This game is crazy good. Lots of fun and action, and also it is the first fps mobile game that has a clan system that works well. The graphics are excellent and the ge has a large playerbase. The only thing that upset me was the hit registration: while using the awp even though most of the hits were dead center the server wouldn’t count it as a hit. I also suggest adding more options for graphics(toggle shaders/shadows) and and more options for aim sensitivity(add a slider for scoped sensitivity)

So far really good, really stable and smooth (laggy people ruin it) and people think I’m a hacker while I’ve only played it for 5 days. I would like to see a As Val damage buff, same for the glock, usp and 5-7. Also the ability to change the controls fully and to customize the crosshair. Also I would like to see ping in game and in the leaderbord. Last one: ability to see nametag of enemy when you aim at him. That’s it…

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