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Over 1,000 romantic stories are available. Sufficient novel resources will flourish your diversified reading desires!
Personalized recommendation for high-quality books, like “Exclusives”, “Picks” and “Completed”, 15+ custom-made lists included.
Online novels update synchronously with the authors. Provide the latest new chapters on your own Library.
Complete small tasks to get Points and unlock chapters as you want!

Read comfortably through setting page turning effect, exquisite typography and eye protection mode. Pick your favorite reading background and typography style.
Simple and clear style, easy operation and fast handling!

Exclusive bookshelf is designed for you whenever and wherever you are eager to read.
Come and enjoy wonderful reading on FantacyStory!

FantacyStory user reviews :

I just started reading now and I find it interesting I can’t wait for the ads to finish and continue reading free of charge. I understand that ads are necessary for an app to run, anyway it’s just a couple of seconds. Nice story, I cry whenever I’m carried away by the story. More free novels to read.. please.

I love the novels. My problem is the novel Twins; mommy is potent is not updated. It’s gotten to the best part and not updating. Spoiled by the billionaire is not updating. I want to finish these books before I start anymore. I don’t like a lot of open books trying to keep up with them. Love them but would like updates and endings please.

Full of grammatical errors. Names of character changes in between. Females are referred to as ‘he’ and males as ‘she.’ Those not familiar with Chinese or Korean names can’t understand whether author is referring to male or female. Help centre of this app is the worst one I’ve ever seen. They won’t reply to any of your queries The only advantage is that novels are free. But, those stories with correct grammers asks us to watch ads for each chapter.

I like this app for reading. But there is a problem with the Addfree button and will not work so i need to close and open again the this app.

Too much ads now, iys not free again to read novel here, ask for coin to unlock next chapter or to watch the video, but when you finish watching the chapter still locked, and often video can not be played, really disappointed

I love it the book I’m reading I’ve been wanting to read for a long time now is completely 100% free. Every few chapters will have a 10-second countdown it’s so worth it you’re not spending hundreds of dollars for chapters

I enjoy reading it though every now and then you’ll get mixed up because of a lot of wrong grammar. Your dictionary is all mixed up. Hehehe

I read novels and the apps works very well, suddenly today it stopped working, I hope you guys can resolve it soon, overall the app is amazing for people like me who likes to read

Some of the stories are intresting & wonderful written.. The problem I have is the sudden name changed in some of the books, the unfinished novels of some, the ads to open the chapters are annoying! Some wouldn’t even open.. And the last problem is the sudden disappearance of some novels.. I was reading 2 novels & was at the half of the books but now it suddenly disappeared from my library & home! Even if I search it it can’t be found anymore..can you fix that

Overall app is good but right now I facing some problem to load my current Novel ( Guess why I spoiled her a lot) I already read 50 chapters and suddenly it’s not loading and said book not found can you please assist me about that novel thank you

I guess the writers/authors are beginners and not really English-proficient. The use of his and hers and other descriptive adjectives addressing the male and female genders were interchangeably wrongly used, creating confusion in the readers. There was also redundancy in the sentences and misspelling of words, which led me to believe there was no proofreading before the story was published. And all of the 8 novels I read were half-finished. I guess the ending is left to my imagination

I like it , but it’s difficult to complete a story , because they’re too long and you have to watch video to get to next chapter . Most times videos are unavailable so you stop reading , and in a day or two , you can continue . Sometimes I start from the beginning again . But I think it’s better than most apps here cos you don’t buy coins to complete a book .

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