Fantasia Sango Mysteria – Based on the post era of the Three Kingdoms

[Game] Fantasia Sango Mysteria

Fantasia Sango MysteriaA New Chapter of Fantasia Sango!

In 188 AD, the world was still in chaos. Both the leading roles got an order from the minister to look for a lost scroll.

The two leading roles stepped on the mystery land and started their journey!
Find the truth by clearing missions, meet the heroes on the paths, and together, you will evidence the their fates!

What was the reason caused all the changes? Was it the destiny, or was anyone behind all these? Join the two and fine the answer!

A Successor and A Brand-new Fantasia Sango
Contains main characters of this franchise, changes the Sango history through the adventure. What are hiding behind all the history, and what are the characters playing in all these?

Life-and-death Brotherhood and Heart Touching Story
Based on the post era of the Three Kingdoms, complete stories and pass tasks, explore the world with heroes and experience a greater Fantasia Sango.

Magnificent and Breathtaking Scenes
Beyond other sequels, with the detailed designed scenes, players can enjoy the adventure and stories.

A Feast for The Eyes with Its Delicate Designs
Designed by the original team to keep its authenticity of the franchise. Delicate and stunning graphics will touch your heart!

Interactive and Diversity
Besides the main stories, Fantasia Sango Mysteria includes many puzzles for players.
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Fantasia Sango Mysteria user reviews :

It looks very pretty and, from what I can tell, plays a lot like a traditional jrpg. Unfortunately, I’m not able to read Chinese nor am I industrious enough to learn to play the game without understanding it. If you can read Chinese or are able to play games you can’t read, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. It is pretty clear the game isn’t in English from the images, so I was aware but wanted to try anyway and my ability to not understand the game is in no way the creator’s fault.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will send the what you report on to our relevant department. Please let us know if you have any comments. We would appreciate for your support.

Excellent RPG, beautiful graphics, voiced, engaging story. Expected a mobile idle gacha game, but was greeted by a real deal rpg. I played the original one on PC many years ago. This mobile spin off is doing the series justice. IF you know Chinese, that is. Glad I am able to get it from global region. If this was restricted to Chinese regions I would not be able to play it.

Should this game have been released globally? There is no option for English. The graphics look amazing, the music is great, but sadly I won’t be playing until it is translated Edit: thank you to the Developers for answering me, I didn’t expect it, have raised my review to 5 stars because I know this is going to be a great game

  • Dear player, thank you for the compliment and your continued support.

Game is only in Chinese, is very dialogue heavy, and there’s no way to skip dialogue. It’s honestly way more well made and interesting than I expected tho, I really hope it gets a translation!

I give this game a two star one because it’s not in English too it’s not in English sorry not sorry if you put it in English maybe I’ll play it but until you do I’m not interested only reason I gave you two stars is cuz just looking at the beginning of it looks really cool but because I can’t speak English or Japanese or manger in or whatever the heck language that is it’s so two star one star for the language in a two-star cuz of the graphics sorry,

  • Dear players, at the moment, Fantasia Sango Mysteria – is only available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, other languages will be added in the future. Thank you for your support of Fantasia Sango Mysteria.

Why is this released in the US Market when the game is not translated at all? How are we supposed to play and or understand the game?

  • Dear players, at the moment, Fantasia Sango Mysteria – is only available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, other languages will be added in the future. Thank you for your support of Fantasia Sango Mysteria.

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