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[Game] Fantasy Tales – Sword and Magic

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Fantasy Tales is An Exploration MMORPG in the style of Japanese anime and is full of adventure elements. Embark on an open-world adventure filled with adorable sprites and pets, strategic skill combinations, thrilling battles, formidable monsters, and untold wonders!

Venture into uncharted territories, forging your destiny in a world brimming with perilous challenges and unimaginable treasures!

Meet trusted partners, team up with your friends, establish your alliance, and adventure together in this fantasy land.

Facing the invasion of evil creatures, use your wisdom and powerful skills to defeat enemies and defend this sacred land.

Choose from a variety of costumes, and customize your unique look, making you the most eye-catching one.

Relaxation after an intense adventure day. Farming, fishing, ranching – choose as you like.

Catch Sprite freely to complete your Sprite Wheel, and create the strongest and cutest Sprite Combination.

Fantasy Tales user reviews :

The game has nice visual but something is wrong with movement and attack, attacking is almost impossible it lags out so bad while attacking and it’s not my connection my internet works perfectly on every device I had to delete it because I can’t handle the lag I may return once these issues are fixed but as of now it would just be taking up space in my phone.

  • Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please go to the in-game customer service center and we will assist you in resolving the issue.

Constantly being frozen when trying to do the tutorial and have to reset app to move again and this has happened 3 times so far making me not even wanting to continue but as it’s a new game I will continue but it’s a Chinese game from what I see meaning audio is Chinese and some sales; Also assassin isn’t difficult it’s impossible to progress, it won’t ever be better at anything just choose whatever has better stats as the assassin basically sucks to do story and go further; Also it overheats

  • Thank you for you suggestion, your feedback will be reported to the dev team. We will actively consider how to optimize it for your better experience.

This game has nice visual animations, nice outfits and fun to play, the only trouble thing I had was when I would try to move out of the red circles and stuff the move thing would get stuck so I couldn’t move, oh and I would sometimes get stuck in the sky but other than those the game plays just fine.

The game itself is made pretty well. But once you hit a certain level, I’m currently at 58,it’s very hard to get past dungeons, even though you’re at the level you’re supposed to be. It’s hard to find other players on your server to run things with. Can’t do all dailies with mercs. getting difficult to level now. Mini sprites are boring. Battle pets are nice, but really don’t do anything but follow and stand there in dungeons. And they are challenging to evolve.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Your advice is very important to us. We will collect it for further analysis and continuously improve the quality and user experience of our product.

Good graphics and sound. Somewhat interesting, but it feels more like a visual novel than a game. However, that could just be an initial tutorial stage lasting longer than expected. It’s okay but not exceptional. However, this isn’t my favorite genre of game, and I’ve got other types of game I’d rather play.

Game is cute and fun at first, however soon into gameplay you discover a lack of customization in characters, Having to pay real money to create a guild, and heavy Pay To Win features. EDIT: after playing for a while, this game is still fun to play, very clearly still pay to win but would change to 5 stars if I could start my own guild without paying 10-15 real dollars.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Your advice is very important to us. We will collect it for further analysis and continuously improve the quality and user experience of our product.

This game is a great mobile MMORPG so far. It’s not like the other games that basically plays themselves with so much auto-play they have. This game makes auto-play an option that u can choose only if you want to. And sometimes the auto-play even comes in handy. I am a person who hates auto-play in mmorpg’s but in this game, I really don’t mind it. It kinda just works for this game and Idk why lol. But again, you can play this game without Auto-play. Game is also generous to f2p players.

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