Fantasy world PC bang – You are transported to a fantasy world

[Game] Fantasy world PC bang

Fantasy world PC bangFantasy world PC bang : Even in the fantasy world, running a PC Bang is hot!!

You have 10 years of PC Bang work experience and one day you are transported to a fantasy world along with your PC Bang equipment!!!

In order to survive in this fantasy land!! To save a declining guild!!
Your dynamic story running a PC Bang in a fantasy world starts here.

Simple controls worthy of a clicker and idle game!
Original game play coming from running a PC Bang while upgrading the Tower of Dawn!
Unfolding secrets of a story filled with diverse characters!

A unique idle&clicker game different from idle RPGs!!
Immerse yourself in this PC Bang business simulation with fantasy world elements!!

Download and tap tap play today!!

We promise you fast updates to take the game to the next level.
For any shortcomings in the game, we ask for your patience.
Constructive feedback is welcome and we will certainly try to apply them.

Play Tips
You need power to run a PC Bang. You can generate power in the basement.
Invest, extend, upgrade to accumulate know-how and fame.
Improve your profits by investing ideas and gold coins into research.
Tap on the background of each floor to get work done and gain items.
Allocate workers to each floor to make work done automatically(idle game).
If your growth is slow, try reopening the store to gain know-how and ideas.
Spin the marketing slot machine to gain increased profits for 2 hours.

Device Access Guidance

Device access is required to stabilize storage.

Required Storage : In-Device backup of play data

If you do not allow access, data save may be missing.

Fantasy world PC bang user reviews :

Forever says Checking Adventure list and then never loads the game, had it running for 6 hours still nothing, thanks. Edit – Upped to 3 stars for the kind feedback from the team, thank you very much, I just kept the phone on charge for 6 hours on the screen well watching Netflix on my laptop so the time wasn’t wasted, will redownload and try again!
  • Dejavu Studio
  • We appreciate your updated review it means a lot to us! We will introduce new features very soon in our next update and believe the connection problem that bothered you has been fixed! If the problem persists, just email us at and we will deep-dive into it right away!
it’s nice and fun. but there’s a problem on phones with notches, you won’t be able to see the amount of silver you have.
  • Dejavu Studio
  • Hi N Lois! I’m afraid this is a problem we are working on, and we apologize for the inconvenience. The notch requires us to redesign large chunks of the game, and we are working to fix this asap. Thank you for your review!
fun… i like the game. Hopefully you guys will add some social feature in the future like a chat or a guild overall GG.
  • Dejavu Studio
  • Hi J.E.R! It’s great to hear that you are enjoying Fantasy World PC Bang! New game features are coming to you very soon so please stay tuned! Thank you for your generous review!
great game! it is still simple and adding features but enjoyable even in incomplete state
  • Dejavu Studio
  • Hi Matthew! Thank you for enjoying Fantasy World PC Bang! We will introduce new features to the game very soon and dice up the dynamics! We appreciate your review!

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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