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After a year of fighting, the invasion of the monsters that had dyed the earth with darkness is over.
However, the remains lurk in the underground dungeons and still threaten our lives.
It is time to step into the dark and dangerous dungeons.

Heroes are waiting for you.
Collect many attractive heroes with unique voices.
Lead them to fight against the monsters!

Endless growth with no pain.
Interesting PVE contents including Dungeons, the Ancient Library, Bandit Suppression, and Boss Raid.
Earn gems every time your Arena points go up!
Battle to earn upgrade materials, gems and gold to grow heroes endlessly!

FANTASY x DUNGEONS user reviews :

This game is great. Just like that guy said, much better than Afk Arena enjoyment wise. The combat lasts which is good, but the character animations could be so much better. Skill animations are alright though, and artistically, this is a really fresh display of creativity. Oh my god, you can run dungeons repeatedly on auto, and even the combat can (should) run on auto. This game may not deserve 5 stars simply due to half-decent animation… but… it deserves no less than 4 stars!

A great game! Would definitely recommend to anyone with some spare time.

A really well-made idle/AFK game. In my opinion, it’s much better than AFK Arena, and has cooler characters (and I like the overall looks of each character). So, yes,I was pleasantly surprised by this game! Good job!

Ok gam3 i think, not that addictive though. Weak heroes, 10x summons only get 2 stars hero, what the meh. I was expecting at least 1 four star.

Nice game. How about adding idling growth and rewards?

The game Is alright at best, ripped sprites and requires to run 24/7 if you want to make significant progress. I’m kinda triggered to think that the devs though it was a good idea to put random ‘events’ such as the ”free” 10x pull out randomly right after you pull characters that costs 1k gems (basically you pay 1k gems for 10 characters then get a refund 7 days after, thats false advertising). Day 2 and only a rather crappy 3* was found. 20 characters pulled in total and all I get are either copies or useless 1 stars even though the rates are decent… Eek.

Reasonable little grinder, until you hit the obvious wall where progress slows to millenial. Grind stage after stage in the hope the necessary advancement item drops, in the hope your account levels and thus raises your character cap, in the hope that you find some reason to continue. The ad incentives are absurd, minimal ‘paid’ currency which only buys gacha pulls or stamina, whose rewards are once again pitiful. No reason to continue, nothing worth paying for, nothing worth playing for.

I love this game it is simple to play, but I would appreciate more features like guilds and events.

Simple and straightfoward. I hope there are 4 and 5 star heroes in the future.

Game is great. But 19 stamina per hour is not enough, make game so boring.

Its a good fighting style game!

So fun!!! I play this game on my way to work ;)

I wonder if they have Character picture.

Last Update November 25, 2020 :

Added 8, 9, 10 stages to Bandit Suppression
Added 8, 9, 10 stages to Ancient Library
Minor bug fixes

Contact developer :


Video :

Game was Removed from Play Store

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