Farm City – Explore the mysterious tunnels of the Ancient City

[Game] Farm City – Farming & City Building

Farm City  Farm City is a new breath of fresh air into the world of city-building and farm games!

Build the city that you’ve always dreamed of! Grow your crops, feed your cattle, and trade the product to further enhance your farming games. Bring happiness and prosperity to your citizens with exotic restaurants, convenient community buildings, and breathtaking wonders. Take on an adventure and explore the mysterious tunnels of the Ancient City buried beneath your very own land.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself READY to become the most successful mayor and build your dream city!

Farm City features:

Adorable farm animals for you to take care of
Numerous types of vegetables and fruits to grow and process in your farming factories
Build and Customize the city your own way with advanced factories, dazzling landmarks, and glamorous decorations!
Invite, visit, and help your neighbors from Facebook to make new friends
Meet up with kind citizens and deliver their orders directly to their doors. Also helping them with their problem is a part of being a GREAT mayor
Collect rare minerals by exploring the underground Ancient City and forge new upgrade for your facilities at the Academy and Foundry
Try your luck at the Happy Balloon house and receive fascinating gifts
Get yourself some special exclusive prizes in our unique Events
Invest and earn cash in the City Bank to ensure a stable future for your city
Tons of great discount farming products and ingredients constantly offered on the Market stall
Smooth gameplay experience along with beautiful graphics
Offline playing mode allows you to enjoy the farmer game anywhere and anytime like traveling on the bus or walking down the street

Farm City is a FREE TO PLAY farm game with options to purchase some in-game items to enhance your game experience with real currency.

*Some features of the game will require internet connection in order to work properly such as Friends, Competitions, Save/Load data, and other features*

Let us know what you think and learn more about Farm City at:
Email: info[at]

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Farm City user reviews :

I played this game before I love the grafic history it’s offers.but I’ve tried so many times to connect with fb account but it shows me that”your data is being sync. Be patient.” What the hell!!Also it starts to lagging and glitches whenever I turn on my mobile data. I can’t move the screen. It’s disgusting I have to reopen it again and again. I can’t use internet to see video and other online event. And some time even in the loading time it stucks. So I dropped off my stars.

The game is good except when it comes to getting help with the ship it freezes after you get help and is asked to give a gift. I had to restart the game several times and it still didn’t fix the problem. The game also will not let me connect to facebook, it keeps saying that it is syncing and to be patient.I’ve waited 24 hours and still can not connect to Facebook,it’s getting really rediculous. I’ve been playing for several hours and still no luck with connecting. Please fix these issues.

Coming to the end of testing for me I feel, reached level 53, but any progress without spending cash is all but impossible, so it’ll be an uninstall for me soon. Impossible to build up coins to build buildings without selling everything in the barn, and fed up with gathering masses of items to complete said buildings, a pointless feature. Game still crashes 99% of the time if switching from Playstore opened by an ad back to the game and you don’t get the benefit offered. Uninstalled at lvl 53.

It’s a challenging game to play as we have to know how to handle the available sources and storage, which is limited and must be updated. Plus, time is also a challenge, and while it is a good thing to limit the amount of time we spend playing the game, the number of crops is stored as a result, and we must wait for the plane and ship to return. Thus, It is possible to wait even if a good hot air balloon is given. So, if people in the city can buy the items we are making, that would be great.

This is a very fun game but I gave it 2 stars because I am fed up with its time for a textile factory it will take 6 HOURS! for sugarcane it will take 13 or more MINUTES!! and much more time waste . If you will have patience then you can give it 4 or 5 STARS . The time is only its problem.

I love this game! Thank you for fixing most of the glitches and the rewards help so much! Now I’m on 80 and hoping there is more, it says coming soon? and hope the events start there has only been a couple so far , love playing! Is there going to be more levels or is 80 it?

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