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Farming FeverIndulge in the ultimate cooking game and farming simulator adventure that seamlessly combines the tranquil charm of a family farm with the bustling energy of cooking games. Set off on a delightful rural journey while navigating through an array of interactive cooking game challenges.

This farming simulator serves as an endless source of entertainment. Whether you’re mastering baking games at the Golden Farm or refining your seafood culinary skills at the Fish Farm, you’ll find yourself engrossed in a real cooking fever.

Every hay day in this simulator extends beyond the typical cooking game, incorporating a wide range of farming activities. From cultivating unique flowers to managing a lively barn teeming with diverse animals, each family farm task presents its own set of challenges, ensuring gameplay that remains fresh and engaging.

The game doesn’t just stop at farming simulator challenges. Embrace the excitement of baking games as you transform into the proprietor of a cozy village bakery, crafting scrumptious pastries from freshly harvested fruits and berries from your family farm.

From the thrill of being an airplane chef to the satisfaction of running your unique business in this cooking game, this farming simulator offers an unparalleled culinary adventure. So, put on your chef’s hat and grab your pitchfork, and get ready to experience the cooking fever in this exceptional adventure!

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Farming Fever user reviews :

This game has the potential to be really fun. I enjoy playing it, but… the adds are excessive and because the levels are so short and there is an add in between every single level (not to mention adds if you double coins) it really just takes the fun out of it. Response: Can you not do every other level, at least? Or lengthen the level playing time? I understand the reasoning for ads. But as I stated, it’s excessive.

  • Hi, farmer! We understand why you do not like the ad feature but with all its downsides it is a perfect opportunity to let you play the game for free. If you don’t want to see the ads you can purchase ads removal feature. Thank you for your understanding!

I like this game, I really do, but why I have to watch 2 ads each level just to get enough coins to upgrade my stuff. Out of all the restaurant games I’ve played, it doesn’t take me 7 levels just to get the money I need without have to double my reward on ads. That’s crazy. And each level only give u like 300 each. So I end up watching three ads after every level because I have that ad that’s just there after completely a level. Ridiculous.

  • Hi, farmer! We apologize for the unfortunate experience you had in the game. Our developers will do their best to solve the issue.

There is so many problem in this game!!! Time and effor wasted. 1. Low payout but the upgrade needs a lot of money. 2. When I get to level 100, I cannot even play it without internet. 3. When I tried to play it with internet it is not even responding. It was stock in the logo. 4. The level upgrade to 101 is really far from the last upgrade which is in level 40 or 60.

  • Hi, farmer! We are sorry to hear that you didn’t like our game. The developers are working hard to improve the game, taking into consideration all the feedback from the players!

It’s okay, not great, not terrible. Froze while synching to FB. No customization options. Played til the trash bin level, but bored so I’m uninstalling. Just doesn’t appeal to me. Ads aren’t too invasive or over the top. Really needs customized character and house options. Dark gothic styles would be nice.

This game would be good if you were not forced to go to an Ad after every single level in order to frustrate you enough to by their no ads package. I could understand an Ad after 5 or so levels but this is after every level. It takes away from game play time. In order to exit out of the Ad you have to click the X 3 times..which is the same amount of time as actually watching the Ad to begin with. The game is a cute game but I am removing due to Ads.

  • Hi, farmer! We understand why you do not like the ad feature but with all its downsides it is a perfect opportunity to let you play the game for free. If you don’t want to see the ads you can purchase anything in the shop. Thank you for your understanding!

Game is good. I have completed all the levels and now there is no new farm level since few months..There is and infinite sign where we have to play the same levels again and earn money…When would be new levels updated …now it seems like I am playing same level again and again.

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